What Does BWRAF Stand For? All About the Buddy Check

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The BWRAF buddy check is something used as

Skipping the buddy check has become a default of cool divers. You know, the ones who refuse to buddy up, drift away on their own, daydream during the dive briefing, and brag about how much bottom time they had on their last dive trip in Roatán.

You know what’s actually not cool? Ending a dive early because your BCD is leaking. Losing your weight belt during a backroll entry. Or really, any other thing that could’ve been prevented with a simple check.

So what does BWRAF stand for anyways? Why do we need it?

BWRAF is an acronym that helps divers remember to check their gear. It’s used to help find the most common and preventable dive problems from happening. It stands for:

B: Buoyancy Control Device (BCD): Inflate and deflate your BCD using both oral inflation hose as well as the automatic inflation hose.

W: Weight belt: Check to see that your weight belt is secure, and situated as a right-hand release.

R: Restraints: Clip each of your BCD buckles and tighten them. Place your gauge under your hip belt for easy access and to prevent it from trailing behind you as you dive.

A: Air: Take a breath from your regulator (including octopus). Purge the regulator and smell the air to see if there’s an odd odor.

F: Final Check: Check all gear including your fins and mask to see that everything is in place. If you have a camera, this is also a good time to see that it’s ready for use.

How to remember BWRAF

There are many ways to remember the BWRAF acronym. Here are a few of our favorites that we’ve heard giggled around dive shops. Don’t worry, we’ve kept them SFW — though we’re sure you can get quite imaginative when it comes to some others!

Bruce Willis Ruins All Films (or for the fans… Rules All Films)

Because We Really Aren’t Fish! (or But We Really Are Fish!)

Beer, Whiskey, Rum, And Floor (or Beer, Whiskey, Rum, Always Fun!)

Big White Rabbits Are Fluffy

Brazilian Wax Removes All Fur

Blonde Women Really Are Fun! (Can also be used with British, Brunette, Big Whales… you get the picture)

Begin with Review And Friend

Blue Whales Rip And Flip

Barf Will Really Attract Fish

Breakfast With Rice And Fish

Betty White: Righteous As F

Buddy Will Rip Away Facemask

Burger With Relish And Fries

Babies With Rabies Are Foamy

Breathing Water Really Ain’t Fun

And finally, BWRAF: The sound you make when you’re seasick!