The 13 Best Podcasts for Surfers

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How can you get your surf fix when there’s no swell or you’re spending the day landlocked doing chores? We’ve rounded up the best podcasts about surfing for those who want to catch up on the latest surfer interviews, surf news, and tips for surfers. While there are quite a few surf podcasts out there, these are our top picks.

1. The Oceanriders Podcast

You won’t want to hit pause on this podcast! Every week, surfer Imi Barneaud catches up with some of the most inspiring surfers in the world. It’s a refreshing change from the regular rotation of big name features from the surfers you see on tour. Guests tend to be artists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, world travellers, the sport of surfing connecting them all.

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2. The Wire

Hosted by Firewire Surfboards, The Wire goes beyond the basics of surfing and covers topics like ocean environmentalism, building a surf brand, inspiring everyday surfers, surf tips, and surf technology. Of course, there are appearances from the big names like Rob Machado, Kelly Slater, and Taylor Jensen. If you’re the type of podcast listener who likes to learn something, The Wire is one of the best surf podcasts around.

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3. Surf Splendor

Anything goes when it comes to Surf Splendor, thanks to its many episode themes hosted by David Lee Scales. On Surf Splendor, you’ll hear long-form interviews in its Wax On episodes, advice from surfboard shapers in its Shaping Surfing series, and all the latest surfing gossip on its Grit! episodes. It’s one of the best podcasts for surfers who love to get as deep into all aspects of the surf industry as possible — and don’t mind hearing about the superficial stuff every not and then, either.

4. Confessions of a Surf Lady

Confessions of a Surf Lady is a podcast hosted by iaera surf. The fun format of this podcast highlights anonymous confessions from female surfers around all things surfing. Laura Day, host of the podcast, is a down-to-earth, funny, and refreshing addition to the surf podcasting scene.

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5. The Carve Up Surf Show

Based in Australia, The Carve Up offers a variety of topics all about WSL happenings, the latest books and media about surfing, the latest surf tech, ocean conservation, and Australian competitions. The hosts are charismatic and keep it real when it comes to talking about what’s going on in the competitive circuit — you won’t find them brown-nosing the surfers that others are too afraid to critique.

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6. The Kyle Thiermann Show

If you’re in the conservation realm of surfing, you’ll recognize Kyle Thiermann for his blunt documentaries and stories about pollution. Kyle also happens to be a kickass surfer. On his podcast, he interviews the most innovative minds behind ocean conservation, some of the world’s best surfers, and even goes rogue on a few episodes like one where he talks with a relationship coach.

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7. Ain’t That Swell

Ain’t That Swell is a surf podcast hosted by Vaughan Dead, Surfing World Editor, and Jed Smith, an award-winning surf journalist. In between banter, they recap and analyze the world of competitive surfing, chat with professional surfers, and rattle off self-deprecating jokes. If you want a podcast that feels like you’re having a beer with your mates, Ain’t That Swell will do that for you.

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8. The Occ-Cast

Surfing legend Mark Occhilupo seems like the type of guy who could befriend even the most stone-cold person. Since he has a rapport with many of the top surfers he interviews, his guests typically are at ease and genuine — making it one of the best podcasts to get to know your favorite surfers just a little bit better. Some guests include Laura Enever, Kelly Slater, and Iggy Pop!

Listen to The Occ-Cast or watch it on YouTube

9. Kooks of Komedy

Like the name suggests, funny guys Joe Praino and Lachlan Patterson talk about all things surfing and stand-up comedy. They don’t take the sport too seriously and are heavy handed with wave-related puns. They weave surf news and controversies in between jokes and conversations about surfing.

While they haven’t posted a new episode in a while, we’re hoping they come back before we burn through the archives.

10. Everything is Always Terrible

Hosted by chatty Rory Parker, Everything is Always Terrible is a podcast that feels like you’re eavesdropping on a insiders-only conversation. Rory is unafraid of asking tough or personal questions and shares his own anecdotes while chatting with guests like Alex Haro and Zach Weisberg from The Inertia, Anastasia Ashley, and some interesting surfers who are just about to appear on the mainstream radar.

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11. Surf Mastery

If you’re looking to advance your surf skills, a few hours listening to the informative and entertaining episodes on Surf Mastery are sure to help. The host, Michael, is a personal trainer and has a penchant for finding the exact skills that will help your surfing progress to the next level. Many episodes cover things like health and nutrition, training, and technique. Though surfing is a sport that can never truly be mastered, this podcast will at help you get a little bit closer.

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12. The KookCast: Surf Education

The KookCast: Surf Education covers surf techniques, travel tips, and hosts conversations with some of the sport’s most influential guests. Their podcast feels as though you’re sitting down for a beer with your best surf mates. Check out their episode “Lady Sliders” to listen to Zippy Seven, and “Committed to the Kook Life” with Jules Sheehan if you’re not sure where to start.

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13. Surf Simply Podcast

Surf Simply Podcast is probably the most polished surf podcast that talks about all things surfing. The hosts often chat with professional surfers, marine biologists, oceanographers, and big names in the surfing industry. From the economics behind surfing to surfing algorithms to chatting with Clark Little about his life as one of the world’s top surf photographers — it’s a medley of topics you rarely get to hear about in the surf realm.

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When we first wrote this… surf podcasts were dominated by menMost surf podcasts are created by men, hosted by men, and feature men. On one episode, we listened to (in detail) about how some surfers shave their balls. There’s also a few hot-or-not conversations happening about the top female surfers on the WCT. Disappointing!

Since we first published this list in 2018, we’ve added two podcasts hosted by women! Confessions of a Surf Lady and The Oceanriders Podcast. If you know of a great episode about women’s surfing or if we’ve accidentally missed a podcast, let us know in the comments below.