20+ Epic Gifts for Surfers: Presents They’ll Actually Want

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The best gift you can give a surfer is an uncrowded surf session where they can catch wave after wave without worry. Since we can’t quite give them that, we figure that these gifts for surfers are the next best thing. Written by surfers, this gift guide only includes items a surfer would actually want. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Best Gifts for Surfers

Surfline Subscription

If the surfer you’re shopping for frequents any of the breaks on Surfline, then a subscription might just be the perfect surf gift that keeps on giving. While the website is free to use, premium users can have ad-free access to surf cams. If a surfer catches a wave in front of a Surfline surf cam, they can replay the video and analyze their own surf skills.

GoPro + Mouth Mount

A surfer can relive their surf sessions from a POV perspective with the help of a GoPro paired with a mouth mount. With each new model, GoPros keep getting steadier and steadier–gone are the days of shaky surf films. We own the Hero 7 Black model (and love it), but we’ve heard that the Hero 9 Black is even better.

Shop GoPro | Shop Mouth Mount

Surf Mat + Sand Brush

A surf mat makes for an ideal surf gift because it’s likely something a surfer won’t buy themselves. Changing out of a wetsuit in a parking lot is not only annoying, it also can damage a wetsuit. The oil, gravel, and dirt can interact with the neoprene, causing it to wear out faster. A changing mat acts as a barrier between the surfer and the floor. Many of these mats are clever enough to wrap the wetsuit in a ball, keeping the car dry and sand-free!

Turns out, not everyone is keen to take the entire beach home with them after every surf session. This set consists of a lightweight and durable microfiber towel bag with two brushes that removes sand effortlessly. A must-have item for neat-freaks or those who share a car.

Shop Surf Mats | Shop Sand Brush

Surf Watch

The latest surf forecast is just a quick glance away when you have a surf watch. A surf watch differs from a general sports watch or smart watch in that it reveals the upcoming tides, swell direction, and wind conditions. Some of these surf watches, like the Garmin Instinct or Garmin Fenix 6S, go so far as to track the number of waves caught, time spent on waves, distance paddled, and more. Surf watches can also sync up with Surfline surf camps, filming and recording the surfer every time the surfer catches a wave.

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Surf Poncho

Say goodbye to flashing random strangers! This new, improved poncho gives you the ability to change wherever you are after surfing. You can also use it as your outfit for the rest of the day — we won’t judge.

Shop Surf Ponchos

Donation to Surfrider Foundation

Looking for a gift for the surfer who has it all? Why not donate to a cause that’s close to their heart? Nonprofit organizations like the Surfrider Foundation focus on protecting coastal environments from development, keeping ecosystems pristine for generations to come.

Donate to Surfrider Foundation

Set of Classic Surf Films

This film package contains classics from the ’50s and ’60s, shot by legendary surf cinematographer Walt Phillips. It’s absolutely a collection that each surfer should have on hand (and perfect for hosting surf movie nights). It takes you to an era when finding perfect waves were more elusive and gives an interesting glimpse into the history of surfing. After watching this collection, every viewer will consider swapping their shortboard for a wooden log.

Shop Surf Films

Wetsuit Dryer

There’s few worse feelings than slipping on a still-wet wetsuit on a cold day. This wetsuit dryer uses a fan to dry neoprene wetsuits from the inside out in less than an hour. This is a gamechanger for dawn patrol sessions. 

Shop Wetsuit Dryer

Surf Bikini or New Boardies

The obvious choice for surfers! You can never have enough surf bikinis or boardshorts. Opt for something crafted by a sustainable surf brand for a surf suit they might’ve not picked themselves.

Shop Bikinis | Shop Boardies

Reef Booties

Protect your feet from the reef and keep those toes toasty with a pair of reef booties. They are compact, foldable, elastic, and easy to pack for surf trips. Surfers love having them in their arsenal of surf gear because it gives that extra boost of confidence when taking off over shallow reef.

Shop Reef Booties

Surf Map

This surf map is so fun and colorful, it adds character to wherever it’s hung up. Take a look at the best surf spots around the world and admire how much detail is put into each country. Get 10% off your purchase with the promo code “SALTSIRENS.” 

Shop Surf Maps

Surf Camp

From Costa Rica to Mexico to Nicaragua, there are incredible surf camps found all around the globe. Venture into the experience gift realm and treat your surfer to a week spent fine-tuning their surfing at warm weather paradise. There are surf camps targeted to just about every experience level, and in every surf-friendly destination.

Search Surf Camps

Balance Board

What to do when the waves are flat? A balance board is a fun way to fine-tune those balancing skills in between surf sessions. Some balance boards are made specifically for surfers, helping them get the hang of hanging ten.

Shop Balance Boards

Waterproof Wallet

If your beloved surfer is a traveler or heads to the beach without a car, they’ve undoubtedly stumbled into the dreaded “where do I put my stuff?!” issue. Some surfers hide their wallet and keys in a towel and hope for the best, others have an elaborate hiding place that needs reconnaissance to find. Enter the waterproof wallet, like this one from Submerge. It has a strap that fastens around the surfer’s arm, and a waterproof pouch to stash belongings.

Shop the Submerge Wallet

Set of Surf Accessories (Leash, Wax, Traction Pad, Wetsuit Glue)

Perhaps the most practical gift for surfers on the list, a bundle of surf accessories that includes a leash, some wax, and sunscreen… add a traction pad and you might prompt the surfer in your life to expand their quiver.

Shop Surf Accessories

Surfboard Sock

Surfboard socks come in all types of colors and patterns, protecting surfboards from dings as they move from the car to the beach. Many of these surfboard socks are adjustable, able to suit a range of surfboard sizes.

Shop Surfboard Socks

Drybag Backpack

A drybag backpack is one of the best presents you can give anyone who loves spending time in the water. Look for one that has two compartments or an extra pocket, so the surfer can separate their electronics from their wet wetsuit as soon as they get out of the water. On a drizzly day, this will also help keep a fluffy towel nice and warm when the surfer gets out of the water.

Shop Drybag Backpacks

Surf Hat

Help surf sessions last longer with a bit of sun protection. Surf hats come in a range of styles — think Gilligan’s Island bucket style to ball cap. Surf hats have a string that keeps the hat securely in place, even during duck dives and wipe outs.

Shop Surf Hats

Surfboard Repair Kit

Every surfer has a dingy, dried-out tube of Solarez crusting up somewhere in the back of their closet. Or, when the inevitable ding happens, the surf repair kit is nowhere to be seen. Having a fresh surfboard repair kit on hand will help the surfer in your life get back out in the water just that little bit faster.

Shop Repair Kits

Surf Sunscreen

Consider this the most useful gifts for surfers on the list. Opt for a surf sunscreen that is water resistant, rated SPF 30+, and made from reef-safe ingredients. We like Avasol and Surfmud.

Shop Surf Sunscreen

Fin Wallet

The ideal present for the surfers who buck the disorganized stereotype, a fin wallet helps keep fins and fin keys in their rightful place.

Shop Fin Wallets

Key Lock

Gone will be the days where the surfer in your life stashed their key a towel and tucked it somewhere hidden on the beach. With a key lock, surfers can safely hide their car key under the bottom of their car. The key lock unlocks with a code, so surfers can surf stress-free.

Shop Key Locks

Surf Books

Help a surfer get lost in a good story with a classic surf book.

Shop Surf Books

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