The best gift you can give a surfer is an uncrowded surf session where they can catch wave after wave without worry. Since we can’t quite give them that, we figure that these gifts for surfers are the next best thing.

1. Surf Hair Don’t Care T-Shirt

For surfers, the tousled beach hair look is an everyday fashion statement! If you know someone who always seems to have that saltwater style, this funny surf T-shirt is sure to bring a smile to their face. As a plus? It also comes in five different colors and as a surf tank top!

2. Changing Poncho

Say goodbye to flashing random strangers! This new, improved poncho gives you the ability to change wherever you are after surfing. You can also use it as your outfit for the rest of the day — we won’t judge.

3. Wave Table Lamp

If you know someone who is a big fan of everything that has to do with the ocean, then this lamp will be a hit. It features colors that you can change depending on the mood and atmosphere. Groovy.

4. Surfboard Bottle Opener

Do you know someone who enjoys a cold drink after surfing? Of course you do. This will be an ideal gift for them. This surfboard shaped bottle opener is made of plastic and stainless steel, so it lasts a long time.

5. Surf Duvet Cover

Lighten up your room with surfboard print and surf campervan duvet cover. It is made from 100% Brushed microfiber fabric and is super soft. This will bring sweet dreams of surfing Padang Padang.

6. Classic Surf Films

Classic Surf Films
Price Disclaimer

This film package contains classics from the ’50s and ’60s, shot by legendary surf cinematographer Walt Phillips. It’s absolutely a collection that each surfer should have on hand (and perfect for hosting surf movie nights). It takes you to an era when finding perfect waves were more elusive and gives an interesting glimpse into the history of surfing. After watching this collection, every viewer will consider swapping their shortboard for a wooden log.

7. Wetsuit Dryer

There’s few worse feelings than slipping on a still-wet wetsuit on a cold day. This wetsuit dryer uses a fan to dry neoprene wetsuits from the inside out in less than half an hour. This is a gamechanger for dawn patrol sessions. 

8. Reef Booties

Protect your feet from the reef and keep those toes toasty with a pair of reef booties. They are compact, foldable, elastic, and easy to pack for surf trips. Surfers love having them in their arsenal of surf gear because it gives that extra boost of confidence when taking off over shallow reef.

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9. Beach Sand Remover

Turns out, not everyone is keen to take the entire beach home with them after every surf session. This set consists of a lightweight and durable microfiber towel bag with two brushes that removes sand effortlessly. A must-have item for neat-freaks or those who share a car.

10. Mermaid Lamp

This incredible lamp features a curvy mermaid, surfing a wave with her tail. Made of cold cast resin, the mermaid’s top half and the waveshave an antiqued bronze finish that gives it the look of metal. Her tail is made up of hundreds of pieces of blue and green glass. This blue and green crackled glass mermaid lamp makes an amazing night light and is a wonderful gift for all surfers.

11. Surf Map 

This surf map is so fun and colorful, it adds character to wherever it’s hung up. Take a look at the best surf spots around the world and admire how much detail is put into each country. Get 10% off your purchase with the promo code “SALTSIRENS.” 

12. Surf Wetsuit Changing Mat

This bag will be a best friend on long surf trips where you hop from beach to beach. It is made of PVC material which is super durable and impervious to rips from the asphalt. The mat gives the ability to separate wet things from dry and travel without worry. A very practical gift that is sure to be used after every session.

Bonus: Ocean Charity Donation

Surfers love the sea. Get your surfer some merchandise from Sea Shepherd or a subscription to the Surfrider Foundation

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