We Tried It: Tahe Wing Inflatable SUP 11’0″ Review

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Inflatable standup paddleboards are becoming more and more popular as many of see the appeal of having a SUP without the hassle of transporting it. We got a chance to test out the Tahe Wing Inflatable SUP 11’0″ (Tahe was formerly the BIC Sport brand). Here’s what we liked, loved, and felt could be better about the standup paddleboard.

Tahe Wing review at a glance: The Tahe Wing 11’0″ is a great all-around inflatable SUP that works best in flatwater for casual cruising. You won’t be moving very fast, but it’s a stable board best for the everyday paddler–and a top pick for families.

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Tahe Wing 11’0″ specs

  • 11’0″ length; 39″ width
  • Carries up to 250 pounds
  • Large carrying backpack that fits the board, pump, paddle, removable fin, repair kit, and leash
  • Takes around 5-10 minutes to inflate with included pump
  • The board is made from thick PVC material; comfortable foam traction pad along the width of the board; carrying handles at the back, middle, and front
  • Bungy cord area holds extra gear at the nose of the board

First impressions of the Tahe Wing 11’0″

Every piece of the inflatable SUP packs nicely into a durable backpack with a sturdy plastic zipper. We prefer plastic zippers over metal ones, as metal ones quickly corrode with salt and seawater. Every item has a place, and the paddle snaps into two pieces to easily fit within the board bag. The leash, fin, pump, and repair kit have plenty of space. The straps of the bag are padded, and overall the set-up seems well thought out. The board bag can easily fit within the trunk of car, and the whole kit weighs about 22 lbs total. You could easily fit spare gear like a set of clothes, sunscreen, a water bottle, and a wetsuit within the bag.

Inflating the standup paddleboard is an easy process. The pump connects to a spring-loaded valve at the back of the board, and takes about 5 minutes of vigorous pumping to fully inflate. A PSI gauge on the pump itself lets you know when the board is adequately inflated.

Inflating a standup paddleboard is a universally sucky experience–and no standup paddleboard company has truly nailed the process. If you’re inflating and deflating often, we recommend getting an electric pump. Otherwise, you can leave the board inflated (deflate slightly to allow for air expansion in the heat), and take it home like a traditional hard SUP.

Once the board is inflated, you flip it over and install the 9″ single fin. Snap the paddle together, attach the leash, and you’re done! All up, the inflating and set-up process takes around 15 minutes. The board itself is a bit heavy to carry, and the middle holding strap could use a bit more padding to be comfortable.

Water test of the Tahe Wing 11’0″

We took the Tahe Wing 11’0″ out on a calm, flat day for a 5.5 km (3.4 mi) paddle from Suva, Fiji out to a small sandbank just off the shoreline. There was a little chop from slight winds, a mild current, and every now and then a boat would cruise by, throwing its wake.

Out on the water, the board is very stable and tracks straight. It’s a bit slow compared to your traditional hard standup paddleboard or a dedicated touring board, but this is expected with a board of this shape and size. The bungy section of the front of board is secure and easily adjustable, allowing us to secure backpacks and water bottles with ease.

Because the board is so stable, it’d be great for paddlers who want to take kids or dog onboard with them. The paddle itself is comfortable to hold, and easy to adjust once you get going and decide you need a different length. It’s an ideal standup paddleboard for beginners, those short on space, and for personalities who love to keep their gear organized. Overall, the price point feels fair and you can tell the quality is much higher than similar boards sold at about 70% of what the Tahe Wing 11’0″ is typically priced.

If you’re an experienced standup paddler, you might find this board a bit slow and crave more agility.

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We Tried It: Tahe Wing Inflatable SUP 11’0″ Review
Our Takeaway
The Tahe Wing 11'0" is made for the everyday standup paddler who wants a convenient SUP that can handle flatwater; perfect for cruising around lakes, bays, and playing in small waves. It doesn't paddle fast, or have much agility, but it's a great go-to SUP if you want an all-rounder.
Easy to paddle
Thoughtful packing system
Quality Construction
Lacks agility
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