We Tried It: Retrospec Weekender Plus Inflatable SUP Review

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We’ve tested a lot of inflatable standup paddleboards over the years–from the first iteration that felt more like standing on a blow-up mattress to the surprisingly high performance inflatable sups of 2024. If you’re looking for a great family-friendly SUP, the Retrospect Weekender Plus 10’6″ is a top contender.

Retrospec sent us the Weekender Plus 10’6″ kayak hybrid to review. Here’s what we liked, loved, and felt could be better about the standup paddleboard. All opinions are our own.

Retrospect Weekender Plus review at a glance: A great inflatable SUP for calm conditions. The kayak conversion is intuitive and a nice touch. Small features like an action camera mount, multiple carrying points, bungy storage, and all-over grip elevate it beyond your typical standup paddleboard. It’s surprisingly agile and tracks straight.

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Retrospec Weekender Plus 10’6″ specs

  • 10’6″ length; 33″ width
  • Weighs 23 pounds
  • Carries up to 300 pounds
  • Large carrying backpack that fits the board, dual-action pump, paddle, removable fin, repair kit, and leash
  • Takes around 5-10 minutes to inflate with included pump
  • The board is made from thick PVC material; comfortable foam traction pad along the width of the board; carrying handles at the back, middle, and front
  • Bungy cord area holds extra gear at the nose and tail of the board

First impressions and setting up the Retrospec Weekender Plus 10’6″

The Retrospec Weekender Plus packs perfectly into a large, durable backpack. It leaves just enough room where you don’t have that this’ll never come out feeling like many inflatable SUP backpacks are guilty of having. The paddle breaks down to fit inside the backpack as well, even with its kayak conversion paddle. You could fit a small water bottle and spare clothes inside, though it’ll be a tight squeeze. The bag could easily be stored inside a car trunk.

The board itself feels durable and sturdy. It could probably handle a few bumps against the rocks, or a kid dragging it by the leash along the beach–realistic scenarios if you plan to have this as SUP kids or beginners can use, too.

Inflating the standup paddleboard is straightforward and easy with a dual-action pump, meaning it inflates both on the upward motion and downward motion of the pump. I’d say 80% of the other inflatable standup paddleboards within this price range have a single-action pump, leaving you to do double the work. (Our tip? Invest in an electric air pump for extra ease). The PSI gauge lets you know when the board is fully inflated.

Installing the fins is typically a dreaded moment for us, but it’s surprisingly easy on the Weekender Plus. Then, put the paddle together, attach the leash, and you’re free to cruise! From start to finish, the process takes around 10 to 15 minutes.

Water testing the Retrospec Weekender Plus

We tested the Retrospec Weekender Plus in an ocean lagoon with calm conditions. Because of its shape, we think these are the perfect conditions for it. There was a little chop from slight winds, and jet skis occasionally came by, throwing a wake.

Underfoot, the board is super stable and tracks straight. You won’t be winning any speed records with it–but if you’re reading about an inflatable SUP, chances are you don’t care about speed much, anyways. It could easily fit two people or accommodate a dog on deck! When converted to a kayak, the paddling isn’t as intuitive or comfortable as an actual kayak, but it’s a cool feature if you want to swap leg power for arm power or cast a line.

The paddle is comfortable, though our only real qualm about the board is that it feels like there some slight give where the paddle points connect.

The final verdict? This board is a perfect standup paddleboard for beginners. Or, if you’re short on space and don’t want a behemoth sized SUP capitalizing your storage space at home. We also think it’s a fair price point for what you get, and the little details make it a well thought-out board.

If you’re an experienced standup paddler, you might find this board a bit slow and crave more agility.

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Great iSUP for families
Stable, durable, and loaded with extra features like storage, action camera mounts, and a kayak seat conversion. Packs into a single backpack making it easy to transport (and therefore actually use).
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Great value
Lots of storage
Storage could be expanded across deck
Paddle could be sturdier