Freedive Mask Review: Mares Star Liquidskin

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This Mares Star Liquidskin freediving mask review was first reviewed in July 2017 and updated May 2020. How has this freediving mask held up after over two years of heavy use?

As someone with a medium-sized/round face and small nose, I wanted a mask that would be easy to equalize and allow for quick nose-pinch sinus equalization. The nose portion of many freediving masks tend to be too big, making it hard to reach your nose.

I wanted a comfortable freediving mask with low volume and smaller nose pocket. The Mares Star LiquidSkin Mask matched all of my criteria and fit well, making it an obvious choice.

Overview of the Mares Star Liquidskin Free Diving Mask (Black)

Best for: Freedivers with smaller faces wanting a comfortable, low-volume mask
Price point: Mid-range compared to similar masks on the market
Rating: 4.6/5

Quick Facts

Materials: Mares signature Liquidskin silicone is made with two types of silicone — one rigid and one soft
Lens: Glass, close to the eye, corrects for distortion
Buckles: Fixed to the skirt and not the frame, making the mask more comfortable and hydrodynamic

Field Testing

I prepped the mask using our recommended fog prevention and de-fogging method of burning the glass lenses and scrubbing the lenses with toothpaste. So far, I’ve worn this mask in both warm and cold water temperatures and have not had a problem with fogging. The mask skirt is very soft and I’m able to make facial expressions without discomfort or flooding. Under pressure, even around 25 meters, the mask is comfortable and being such low volume, doesn’t require much air to equalize.

The strap is easy to adjust and the mask has a wide enough field-of-vision to be compatible for scuba diving as well.

The Mares Star Liquidskin Free Diving Mask (Black) frame has a very arched eyebrow area, making you give off a very Batman vibe. But hey, some people might consider that a pro. It’s also a much more stylish mask — despite the Batman look — than many of its competitors. I think only the Cressi Nano beats this mask, style-wise for similar shapes.

The only real downside is that the strap of the Mares Star Liquidskin is much thinner and feels flimsier than other masks on the market. Other freediving masks feel more durable — like you can really stretch the strap if needed. However, with this freediving mask, I wouldn’t push it.

Freediving mask review update — 2 years later: Over two years in with hundreds of dives later, this mask has held its shape and functions just as good as new. I’ve swapped this mask with many others on the market and it is one of the best. Despite the thin rubber banding, there is no warping or significant sign of wear.

Overall, the Mares Star Liquidskin freediving mask is a perfect fit for petite divers with smaller noses.


Easy to adjust
Low volume
Thin back strap