We Tried It: FCS SP2 Reef Booties Review After 100+ Surfs

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Some surfers prefer to surf with bare feet, willing to leave some skin on the reef if it means having a bit of extra comfort and performance.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those surfers. Having a thin layer of rubber between the reef and my feet gives me that extra bit of confidence to take off on a wave that could leave me stranded in knee-deep water.

A few years ago, I picked up a pair of FCS SP2 Reef Booties in Bali and have worn them well over 100 times in the surf. My local wave is a shallow reef break so I throw these on nearly every time I paddle out. These reef booties are also comfortable enough to wear at surf breaks where I’m on the fence about how shallow it is.

In this post, we’ll cover the pros and cons of the FCS SP2 Reef Booties and reveal whether they’re worth the price.

Well loved reef booties after 100+ surfs

FCS SP2 Reef Booties: Quick Verdict

Short on time? We rate the FCS SP2 reef booties 5/5 for comfort, 5/5 for flexibility, and 4/5 for durability. The flexible sole and split toe help with grip and responsiveness. We recommend the FCS SP2 reef booties for warm water conditions. When it’s time to replace my reef booties, I’ll be buying this pair again.

If you wear these booties solely in the water and don’t use them to trek over rock and reef, they’ll last you multiple surf seasons. Some wear and tear (fading, minor ungluing, punctures in the soles) will appear as expected.

However, if you do intend to use these surf booties as footwear, like walking three blocks from your house or car to the beach, you’ll wear through the 1.2mm sole quickly.

The FCS SP2 Reef Booties work best for:

  • Warm water surfing; thin soles and drainage holes means your feet won’t overheat in tropical conditions.
  • Travel; these surf booties dry quickly and pack light
  • Unisex; booties are sized in standard male foot size

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Details of the FCS SP2 Reef Booties

The FCS SP2 Reef Bootie is an ankle high reef bootie made for warm water. The base of the bootie is made from flexible neoprene, and the sole of the bootie is 1.2mm rubber. The booties have drainage holes, preventing the dreaded ‘balloon bootie’ feel.

The bootie is secured to the foot with two Velcro straps across the top and an elastic strap around the ankle. Properly sized, the bootie fits snug around the foot and you won’t have to worry about losing your socks in a heavy wipeout.

Pros and Cons of the FCS SP2 Reef Bootie

Pros of the FCS SP2Cons of the FCS SP2
Lightweight and flexibleThin soles not suitable for walking on rough surfaces
ComfortableCan leave grey marks on surfboard
Sole offers the right amount of flex and protection from the reefSoles will puncture on super sharp reef
Split toes help with traction and control

Overall, the FCS SP2 reef booties offer great protection from the reef without hindering surf performance too much. Like all surf booties, they’ll take a few sessions to get used to — and will never feel as comfortable as surfing barefoot. Save your feet on surf trips to a place with shallow reef and toss these into your luggage.