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The Cutest Mermaid Blanket Tails

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A mermaid out of the water is still a mermaid at heart. If you’ve found yourself landlocked and in need of a mermaid tail, we’ve found the cutest (and coolest) mermaid blanket tails. These cozy tails are perfect for snuggling onto the couch and watching or reading mermaid stories again and again.

P.S. we’ve also found the best mermaid tails for swimming!

The Cutest Mermaid Blanket Tails: At a Glance

  1. Sparkly mermaid tail by Blankie Tails
  2. Crochet tail by LAGHCAT
  3. Crochet tail by AmieHomie
  4. Crochet tail with wool lining by Catalonia
  5. Matching mermaid tails by Posh Peanut
  6. Shiny mermaid tail by Softan

The Cutest Mermaid Blanket Tails: In Depth

Let’s dive into the cutest mermaid blanket tails you can buy right now. Images are clickable. 

1. Sparkly mermaid tail by Blankie Tails

Best for: Mermaids who love to sparkle and shine

This tail has a bit of pizzazz! The mermaid tail by Blankie Tails is best for kids who love bright colors, rainbows, and no doubt love to be the brightest mermaid in the sea. The blankets are double sided and made of a cozy fleece material. Each one also comes with an adorable sleep mask. Each mermaid tail has glitter embellishments, making it sparkle and shine. Choose between rainbow, pink and aqua, or purple and aqua tails. Or, opt for the fun shark tail that glows in the dark! Or, opt for the Barbie Dreamtopia or Ariel mermaid tail

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2. Crochet Mermaid Tail by LAGHCAT

Best for: Adults and kids–this tail is practical, cute, and cozy

This crochet tail is the ideal mix of cute and warm–and it comes in eight different colors! It comes with a tail (71″ long), a necklace, and a dolphin day pack. It’s length makes it ideal for both kids and adults. This mermaid blanket tail has a cut down the back side, so you can fold it or wrap it around your legs completely. Choose between blue, magenta, gray, purple, violet, teal, dark blue, or rose red. Kids and adult sizes available.

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3. Crochet tail by AmieHomie

Best for: Adults and kids who want matching cozy mermaid tail blankets

How cool are the crochet scales on this tail? This mermaid tail blanket by AmieHomie comes in both kids (age 3-9) and adults sizes. The back of the tail is open, making it easy to bundle up and get out from the tail. Choose between grey, mint, magenta, purple, plum, teal, pink, or white rainbow. Each tail comes with a shiny mermaid tail keychain.

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4. Crochet tail with Wool Lining by Catalonia

Best for: Mermaids who want to stay warm and comfortable

This is one of the best mermaid blanket tails for mermaids who want to stay warm and cozy. The outside of the tail is made from an acrylic knit yarn while the inside of the tail is lined with snuggle-soft wool. This tail comes in blue, aqua, pink, and purple. It’s about 67″ long–making it suitable for adults. The blanket also has a neck strap to hold it in place while you read or watch mermaid movies.

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5. Mermaid tail by Posh Peanut

Best for: One of the softest mermaid tail blankets for kids–comes with a baby doll mermaid tail too!

This mermaid tail by Posh Peanut is super cute and super soft. The tail is made from a comfortable plush fabric that almost feels like a cuddly toy. The mermaid tail is ideal for kids up to 13 years old, and comes with a small matching mermaid tail to match with a mermaid’s favorite doll or stuffed animal. Choose from three different color combinations: mint and light pink, green and bright pink, or blue and bright pink. 

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6. Shiny mermaid tail by Softan

Best for: Adults and kids who love to have a bit of shimmer in their tail

This shimmering mermaid tail by Softan is shiny, comfortable, and cute–but if the sparkles are too much, it comes in a non-glitter option as well. Choose between different pink, aqua, and blue color combinations. The material is made from thick flannel fleece and you snuggle into it from a top opening. Best of all, it comes in both adult and kids sizes–so mermaid family members and friends can match! Note that the kid size runs a bit small.

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Which one is your favorite? Let us know if you have any other recommendations in the comments below! 

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