We Tried It: Cressi Lido 2mm Wetsuit Review

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For the past five years, each of the main writers of The Salt Sirens has been based in the tropics (Fiji, Malaysia, and the Philippines). Wearing a wetsuit is somewhat of a foreign experience for us. And while tropical waters typically hover around 28°C (82°F), snorkel and freedive sessions are cut short as soon as the wind picks up. The wind chill factor is no joke!

Our friends over at Scuba.com have sent us a set of Cressi Lido 2mm wetsuits, both the long and short version, to test out for review. We have not been provided any compensation for this review, and all opinions (both salty and sweet) are our own.

Cressi Lido 2mm wetsuit review

Cressi Lido 2mm Wetsuit Review: Quick Verdict

Cressi Lido 2mm shorty

If you’ve got places to be, we think the Cressi Lido 2mm wetsuit is perfect for tropical snorkel sessions where you want a bit of sun coverage, warmth, and stinger protection for a decent price. The front-zipper entry makes it easy to put on and take off. The zipper is also low enough on the neck not to pinch or cause discomfort.

Its durability and size when folded also make it a perfect travel wetsuit.

We like that there’s no seam under the armpit, making it less likely to chafe. Before you order, take your measurements and run them against Cressi’s size chart. Some snorkelers found the torso to run a bit short.

It’s a great wetsuit for warm water snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving. While it’s advertised as a surf wetsuit, the thick front zipper makes this pretty impractical. Wax will build up in the zipper and you might get a rash from where the zipper meets your rib area. Opt for a back-zip wetsuit instead.

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Cressi Lido 2mm Wetsuit Review: In Depth

Let’s dive into the details of this wetsuit, shall we?

The Fit

Both the long and short version of the Cressi Lido wetsuit are made from flexible 2mm neoprene. A large YKK zipper runs along the front below the bellybutton. This makes it much easier to get into compared to back or chest zip wetsuits — being a plastic zipper, it’s not prone to rusting. The seams along the torso are double stitched, the hem along the wrists/ankles are single stitched. Overall, the material seems durable — we’ve burned through tens of wetsuits here and the Cressi Lido is one that we’re expecting to last.

We particularly like the extra panels along the armpits and the crotch; the culprit areas when it comes to seam tears and chafing! From our experience, wetsuits that have these panels tend to have a longer lifespan and are more comfortable, as you won’t have a seam digging into high-friction areas.

Crewsi Lido 2mm shorty

The Price

At around $65 USD for the shorty and $100 USD for the long version, the Cressi Lido 2mm is fairly priced against other similar wetsuits in the market. There are cheaper wetsuits, often found on Amazon, but these typically form holes in the seams after just a few wears. If you’re wearing a wetsuit for warmth (and we expect you are), it’ll pretty much become useless after that.

Cressi Lido 2mm long and short review

In-Water Testing

During in-water testing we didn’t find any leaks or ‘cold’ spots on the wetsuit, as long as it fit properly. Many wetsuits we’ve tried in the past form cold spots around the lower back, but this wasn’t the case with the Cressi Lido 2mm. It’s flexible, yet sturdy, hugging close to the skin as long as the fit is right.

Snorkeling wetsuit review

What We’d Change

One qualm we have with the Cressi Lido 2mm is the sizing. It would be great to see long and short versions of the wetsuit, similar to many other wetsuits on the market. One of the taller reviewers found the torso to be a bit short on the Cressi Lido 2mm; another petite reviewer found it to be a bit long. Having three height options (short, regular, tall) would easily solve this issue. A larger range of plus size options would also be ideal.

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Do you have any questions about the Cressi Lido 2mm? Let us know your thoughts about this wetsuit in the comments below.

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