COSMIQ+ Dive Computer and DeepBlu App Review

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COSMIQ+ has just released the newest version of this dive computer called COSMIQ+ Gen 5. We’ve updated this review to reflect the features for COSMIQ+ Gen 5.

The COSMIQ+ dive computer is unlike any other on the market thanks to its budget-friendly price paired with social sharing technology. With the COSMIQ+, you can leave your logbooks behind, upload your dive logs instantly, dive smart, and connect with other divers. In this review of the COSMIQ+ dive computer, we’ll cover what we loved, what we think could be improved, and everything you need to know about the COSMIQ+ dive computer.

P.S. We’ve been diving with the COSMIQ+ for over a year and are happy to report that the computer is still working flawlessly.

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At a glance

The COSMIQ+ Gen 5 is a dive computer made for scuba divers using air or Nitrox that also comes with freediving and bottom timing modes.

Best for: All-around scuba diving and freediving – especially recreational divers.
Our rating: 4.5/5

  • Modes: Watch, scuba, bottom timer, freedive, log, and sync modes
  • Water resistant to 100 meters
  • Uses the B├╝hlmann ZHL-16C algorithm
  • Conservative, progressive, and normal dive customization
  • Supports altitude diving
  • Battery life ranges from 5-7 hours of continuous use, 4+ weeks while in sleep mode
  • Stores up to 200 dive logs–an upgrade from previous the previous generation which only stored 25 dive logs
  • 6 freediving alarms
  • Bright LCD display
  • Wireless connectivity to the DeepBlu app on a smartphone

First Impressions

The COSMIQ+ computer itself is sleek with a 2.2-inch LCD screen that’s crystal-clear. It’s modern, lightweight, and smaller than most pictures may have you think. The old-school NATO style strap looks a bit mismatched with the modern computer, but overall it’s very sturdy and sleek. It comes with a protective case, a USB charger (you can charge the computer with a power bank during surface intervals), a bungee cable, and two NATO style wrist straps.

It borders on looking more like a smart watch, while being slightly too big for everyday wear. There are a handful of colors to choose from depending on your preference. We opted for the Ocean Blue COSMIQ+.

Charging the COSMIQ+ is simple and the computer charges through a magnet. The computer must be kept somewhere stable while it’s charging because the magnet is easy to knock out of place–if you’re diving on a liveaboard, you might want to wedge the computer and cable between two objects to ensure it stays connected. The dive computer can be recharged with a powerbank or a laptop — making it perfect for travel as you don’t have to worry about an adapter or bulky charging system. This magnet system is also better than the traditional cable ports as it leaves little room for water to creep in.

Setting up the COSMIQ+ with the DeepBlu app

The COSMIQ+ pairs with the DeepBlu social media app on your cellphone. From the app, you can adjust the settings and check for firmware updates. The app also doubles as a scuba diving social media site where you can interact with dive buddies and divers with common interests.

Once the settings are in place, it’s difficult to change them outside of the app. This is a benefit to those of us who dive with cameras or extra gear, as many times our computer gets lost in a pile of gear and buttons are inevitably pressed.

The DeepBlu app is a wonderful place for scuba nerds. You can pinpoint your dive sites on a map (and look through other divers’ logs who’ve been there too), add pictures of your dive, rate the dive site, make notes, and keep a record of all your data. You can also chat in community groups, find meet-up buddies, and learn about diving on the DeepBlu homepage. Divers have the option of publishing their logs publicly or storing them as drafts.

Scuba diving with the COSMIQ+

Scuba diving with the COSMIQ+ is easy. The immediate benefit is the easy-to-see screen that flashes all stats as you dive. Once you start your dive, you won’t be able to change modes or make adjustments. This is helpful as we didn’t have to worry about modes changing mid-dive.

You can set the computer to progressive, normal, or conservative. Even in its progressive mode, the COSMIQ+ is quite conservative compared to many other computers. Since the computer is geared more towards recreational divers rather than tec divers, we think this is okay. It features all dive computer essentials like the depth gauge, ascent rate, fly/no fly limit, deco limit, time, ceiling limit, oxygen level, and temperature.

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Freediving with the COSMIQ+

While its scuba capabilities are what make the COSMIQ+ shine, it also serves as a great freediving computer for recreational divers. The big, bold numbers and six custom alarms make it easy to quickly gauge your time and depth so that you can focus on your breath hold. The alarm can be set to beep at custom depths, times, and during your surface interval. It also has a depth limit of 100m. While in previous reviews we mentioned a downside of COSMIQ+ having just a 25 dive log storage capacity, the latest generation now stores up to 200 dive logs! A major upgrade and exciting change. The COSMIQ+ is highly underrated as a potential freediving computer.

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Favorite aspects of the COSMIQ+

The big, clear screen with large numbers. Reading the COSMIQ+ is so easy and the way that the numbers are laid out is very intuitive. It’s wonderful in low visibility and during night dives. The screen is somewhat hard to read in direct sunlight on the surface, but is easily solved by tilting the screen or shading it with your hand.

The logbook app on DeepBlu. I never thought I’d leave the old school way of manually entering my dives in a paper logbook, but now I’ve found I simply add to the app more and more. You can add the dive’s location, stats, notes, and pictures of the dive. This is great for travelers and busy divers who don’t necessarily have the time or motivation to log every dive by hand or want to carry a logbook with them. Simply sync the COSMIQ+ and the basics of your dives are recorded.

A great all-rounder for freedivers and scuba divers. Choosing which dives to log, including freedive breath holds, means that can store all your personal best dives or outliers if you don’t want to clutter your logbook with warm up dives or shallow, short dives. If you’re mixing freediving and scuba diving on a trip, this computer would be the one to choose.

Innovative. DeepBlu is one of the most progressive dive companies around, and from what we’ve gathered, they’re keen to take critique and ideas onboard. This means that you can probably expect many improvements and updates as time goes on. They aren’t influenced by divers who scoff at social media and instead embrace the online community that divers create, anyways.

Affordability. At $399 USD, the COSMIQ+ is on the affordable end of all-around dive computers on the market.

Room for improvement

Air integration. The COSMIQ+ is quite affordable when you compare it to its competitors and consider all of its features. One thing that could be a bonus is adding air integration into the mix.

Dive logs limited to the social media app. We’d love to be able to export all dive logs into an alternative offline software. Even a desktop app or getting the raw data would be useful for divers.

Build quality. The first model we were sent was faulty and the screen turned off mid-dive. After hearing about the problem, customer service at DeepBlu opted to immediately replace it with a new one rather than try to troubleshoot the first one for safety reasons.

What do you think about the COSMIQ+?

The Salt Sirens received a COSMIQ+ for purposes of review. All opinions are our own. This article contains affiliate links.