Share your Salt Story

Do you have a tale to share, a guide to write on your favorite saltwater spot, or do you want to participate in an interview? The Salt Sirens is currently accepting contributions from athletes, writers, bloggers, and photographers obsessed with telling stories of the sea.

We currently accept contributions for the following categories:

Spot Guide

Spot guides are where The Salt Sirens share their favorite surf, scuba, SUP, kite, or freedive spots. We will send over a template with questions to fill out on the best places to do your sport, eat, and stay — as well as any other tips that The Salt Sirens should know about. Contributions in this section should be by experts of the destination, only.

Example: The Ultimate Surf, Dive, and Adventure Guide to Nusa Lembongan

Tips and Techniques

Do you have a tip or technique for a saltwater sport that you’d love to share? Here is the best place to teach fellow Salt Sirens how to be a better athlete or ocean conservationist. This can be anything from a top ten list to a step-by-step guide on how we can improve on whatever sport or activity you’re an expert at. We love to hear from professional athletes or instructors.

Example: How Freediving Makes You a More Confident Surfer


We are always interested in knowing how to be better conservationists. Any stories related to marine conservation are welcome.

If you’re a marine biologist or oceanographer who’s uncovered new marine research, please tell us about it.

Example: How to Choose (and Wear) Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Gear Review

Did you just invest in a new piece of gear that you’d like to talk about? At The Salt Sirens, we want to know what’s worth spending money on and what isn’t. If you’ve spent days searching for the best gear you could find, share what you like and dislike. We will send over a template as a rough guide. You must have purchased this piece of gear yourself. 

Example: Bahia Springsuit Review

Salt Siren Q&A

Do you want to be featured as a Salt Siren in our Q&A? Send over a little information about you, what sport you’re into, and some themes you’d love to talk about.  We’ll get back to you with tailored questions. This is a great way to promote yourself as an instructor, researcher, artist, blogger, writer, or anyone else in the saltwater industry.

Example: Q&A with Laura Storm: Award-Winning Photographer, Diver, and Conservationist

Saltwater Stories

If you’ve just gone on an incredible adventure, why not share it with The Salt Sirens? This section showcases blog-style stories of Salt Sirens around the world — hopefully inspiring them to follow in your wake. There is a lot of creative freedom in this section. Feel free to share poems, funny stories, tales of romance, photo essays, artwork, fantasy, or anything else you think The Salt Sirens would love.

Example: Maldives Dive Matinee: The Manta Ray Bommie Ballet

Other Information

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay for contributions at this time. All articles will have an About the Author section that features one website and up to three social media accounts. All articles will be promoted through social media on a rotating schedule. We accept contributions from creatives like writers, photographers, bloggers, artists, and saltwater athletes (any level or ability). All written content must be unique to us.

We will edit posts for clarity, spelling, and grammar as needed. Spelling will be in edited into American English.

We may place affiliate links to our partners within your post.

Ready to share?

Send an email to hello (at) thesaltsirens (dot) com with a brief pitch of who you are, what section you’d like to contribute to, and a short description of your idea.

If you are a company interested in working with The Salt Sirens, please consult our Work with Us page.