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The 7 Best Wakeboards for Women: Buyer’s Guide

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Gone are the days when the best wakeboard for women was simply a men’s one slapped with a splash of pink on it. Some of the best wakeboard brands on the market have smartened to the fact that women are joining the sport at record rates. No matter whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider, hit rails or are still learning to cross the wake, these are the best wakeboards for women right now. 

The Best Wakeboards for Women: At a Glance

  1. Slingshot Contrast
  2. Ronix Spring Break
  3. Hyperlite Prizm
  4. Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight
  5. Obrien Spark
  6. Ronix Julia Rick Flexbox
  7. Liquid Force ME

The Best Wakeboards for Women: In Depth

1. Slingshot Contrast

Best all-around wakeboard for intermediate and experienced riders

Sizes: 134, 142
Experience Level: Intermediate/Advanced

The Slingshot Contrast is one of the most high performance women’s wakeboards on the market, and excels both in the park and behind the boat. It has tapered flex tips and a rigid outline that lets the rider ollie, jump, and grind rails with stability. This wakeboard is highly responsive but isn’t too loose for first-time riders, either.

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2. Ronix Spring Break

Best wakeboard for cable park riders

Sizes: 133, 138, 143
Experience Level: Intermediate/Advanced

The Ronix Spring Break women’s wakeboard comes in two different color schemes is a fun wakeboard with an 80s style look. Pro wakeboarder Jamie Lopina has given her input on this model, creating a flexible board that feels more like a wake skate than a dedicated wakeboard at times. This board works decently behind the boat, but really shines at the cable park.

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3. Hyperlite Prizm

Best wakeboard for jumps and boat riding

Sizes: 139
Experience Level: All abilities

The Hyperlite Prizm is the female version of the Hyperlite Murray Pro. It is super responsive with a three-stage rocker that helps give that extra push off of the wake. The curved edge makes for easy carving, but won’t catch in choppy conditions. This board works best behind a boat, but can handle decently in cable parks as well.

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4. Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight

Best women’s wakeboard for beginner wakeboarders

Sizes: 129, 134, 138
Experience Level: Beginner/Intermediate

The women’s Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight board is Ronix’s all-around wakeboard built to outlast the beginner stage of learning how to wakeboard. It has an efficient concave bottom that helps the board ride easy–lessening the impact of hard landings. This is one of the best wakeboards for families with riders of different abilities, and a perfect board to learn how to jump on.

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5. Obrien Spark

Best wakeboard for experienced riders

Sizes: 133, 137
Experience Levels: Intermediate/Advanced

The Obrien Spark is perfect for wakeboarders who have outgrown their beginner board. This board is stable, predictable, and ideal for nailing down more technical jumps and tricks. This board comes with a three-stage rocker, allowing for a pop off the wake. Chevron-shaped grooves allow for less drag.

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6. Ronix Julia Rick Flexbox

Best wakeboard for tricks

Sizes: 138
Experience Level: Intermediate/Experienced

Julia Rick continues to dominate and push wakeboard tricks to a new level. The Ronix Julia Rick Flexbox is a lightweight wakeboard with a special “Air Core 3” construction that keeps the board light, responsive, and flexible. This is the board you grab when you want to go higher and further with each jump, making it ideal for experienced riders. While it can certainly handle riding behind a boat, it truly excels in the cable park.

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7. Liquid Force ME

Best budget women’s wakeboard for beginner riders

Sizes: 138
Experience Levels: Beginner/Intermediate

This beginner-friendly wakeboard is the latest wakeboard released by pro rider Megan Ethell–but won’t bore intermediate riders. It’s on the stiff side with a three-stage rocker and double concave center. Landings are soft and forgiving, making it a great board for those practicing their first jumps behind the boat.

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Things to Consider when Buying the Best Wakeboard for Women

Assess Your Skillset

If you’re a beginner wakeboarder, you’ll want a wakeboard that suits your ability. If you jump the gun by buying a pro-series wakeboard too soon, you might spend more money on features you don’t need — and your board might be too fast and loose. Women’s wakeboards built for experienced riders tend to be more responsive and are built for jumping, grinding, and moving across the water quickly. If you’re a beginner, opt for a stiffer board that is built for you. You can always sell it secondhand and work your way up to a board made for more experienced wakeboarders. Likewise, if you’ve already spent years on the water, opt for a wakeboard that can progress with your growing skillset. 

Choose the Right Size

The size of wakeboard you choose depends on your height, weight, and skill level. Each manufacturer will issue a size guide with their board. Consult it before making your purchase. As a general rule, the board sizes tend to correlate with the following weight:

Rider Weight (lbs/kgs) – Wakeboard Length (cm)

  • < 100 lbs (45 kgs) – < 130 cm
  • 90-150 lbs (41-68 kgs) – 130-135 cm
  • 130-180 lbs (59-81 kgs) – 136-140 cm
  • 170-250 lbs (77-113 kgs) – 141-144 cm
  • 200-275+ lbs (90-125+ kgs) – >145 cm


The shape of a wakeboard plays a large role in how well it responds to each movement. For example, a wakeboard with continuous rocker will turn fast and pop predictably off the wake–provided you’re in glassy conditions. A three-stage rocker has a flat bottom with upturned wakeboard tips. It can jump higher, but is more cumbersome overall to maneuver. A hybrid rocker is a bridge between the continuous rocker and hybrid rocker, making it a prime option for all-around wakeboarders.