The 13 Best Surfboard Brands

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Looking to add a new board to your quiver? These are the best surfboard brands to consider. While shopping for a surfboard is rarely a one-size-fits-all scenario, these surfboard brands will set you off on the right direction.

Before looking into mainstream surfboard brands, consider supporting your local shaper. Getting a custom surfboard might be a little more expensive than buying a pop out model from one of the big surf companies, but your board will be tailored to your riding style, the waves you frequent, and your physique.

The best mainstream surfboard brands at a glance:

  1. Pyzel
  2. DHD
  3. Mayhem
  4. Sharp Eye
  5. Walden Surfboards
  6. T&C Surf
  7. Channel Islands
  8. JS
  9. Haydenshapes
  10. FireWire
  11. McTavish
  12. Almond
  13. Album


Standout surfboard brand for shortboards

Pyzel was founded in 1995 on Oahu’s North Shore by shaper Jon Pyzel, who is famous for making high performance shortboards popular among the pros, and a favorite among surfers like Dane Reynolds, who picked Pyzel’s 74 during an unbranded surfboard contest. Tyler Wright is often seen surfing a Pyzel as well. Though the brand is known for its shortboards, they do produce an array of everyday surfboards, funboards, and guns.

The average price of a Pyzel surfboard is around $750-800 USD.

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Standout surfboard brand for shortboards

Another popular high performance surfboard brand for surfers on the WSL Championship Tour, DHD is based in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast and is founded by Darren Handley. The likes of Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore frequently reach for a DHD board in their quiver, and have secured world titles with DHD boards under their feet. DHD mostly crafts performance shortboards and twin fins.

The average price of a DHD surfboard is around $700-950 USD.

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Standout surfboard brand for shortboards

Lost surfboards by Mayhem have won unbranded surfboard contests, with its Driver model winning the 2019 Stab in the Dark contest. Mayhem boards are also becoming a favorite out in the everyday lineup. Matt Biolos, founder of Lost Enterprises, established the company in the late 80s out of a garage in San Clemente. While shortboards are par for the course at Mayhem, they’re known for their short, fuller, wide-nose shortboards. Caroline Marks, Carissa Moore, Taj Burrow, are a few pros you’ll see riding Mayhem models on the regular.

The average price of a Mayhem surfboard is around $700 USD.

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Sharp Eye

Standout surfboard brand for shortboards

You can’t watch a pro contest nowadays without seeing the Sharp Eye logo out in the water. Another Stab in the Dark winner and favorite among the likes of Filipe Toledo and Johanne Defay, Sharpeye certainly knows how to make a high performance shortboard. Founded in 1992 by head shaper Marcio Zouvi, Sharp Eye stands out with its pro model shorboards, though small wave fish shapes are also on offer. There’s also a launched step up, the SG-1 made to order.

The average price of a Sharp Eye shortboard is around $780 USD.

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Walden Surfboards

Standout surfboard brand for longboards

Steve Walden has been shaping surfboards since the early 1960s, when it was just a teenager. His shapes are iconic and have contributed greatly to the sport of longboarding as a whole. The 9’0″ Magic Model is a timeless performance longboard, ideal for noseriding, carving, and cross stepping.

The average price of a Walden Surfboards longboard is around $1,000 USD.

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T&C Surf

Standout surfboard brand for shortboards and longboards

A darling of Hawaii, T&C Surf is an all-around surfboard brand with Glenn Pang at the helm. He’s been shaping for over 40 years, with T&C shapers Makani McDonald and Tommy Tanaka shaping longboards. Boards range from small-wave fish shapes to 9’0″ logs.

The average price of a T&C Surfboard is between $700 and $1000 USD.

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Channel Islands

Standout surfboard brand for shortboards

The Channel Islands logo is one of the most frequently spotted along California’s Coastline. The Flyer and Flyer II models were staples of surfing in the early 2000s. The brand hosts a range of shortboards, step-downs, step-ups, and hybrid boards.

The average price of a Channel Islands surfboard is around $730 USD.

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JS Industries

Standout surfboard brand for shortboards

JS was founded by Australian shaper and surfer Jason Stevenson. Like any of the other surfboard brands on the list, they excel in high performance shortboards, but also offer a few fish models and shapes specifically for groms. Their easy rider series is ideal for intermediate surfers and paddling out on small days.

The average price of a JS surfboard is around $850 USD.

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Standout surfboard brand for longboards

Bob McTavish is a surf icon in the shaping realm, though he contributed greatly to the progression of shortboarding with his shapes as well. He founded his namesake company in the 1960s and continues to surf today. With his son as one of the company’s lead shapers, McTavish continues to produce shordboards, longboards, twin fins, and mid length boards.

The average price of a McTavish surfboard is between $1,00 and $2,500 USD.

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Standout surfboard brand for shortboards

Haydenshapes’ Hypto Krypto is one of the most famous surfboard shapes in modern day surfing. It’s so popular, they’ve even come out with a soft top version. Founded in 1997 by Hayden Cox in Sydney, the brand is one of the most beloved down under. The company boasts a signature style with its FutureFlex carbon fiber construction, helping the boards be incredibly responsive.

The average price of a Haydenshapes surfboard is between $700 and $800 USD.

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Standout surfboard brand for shortboards

With Kelly Slater a partial owner of the FireWire brand, it’s no surprise the company has been at the forefront of surfboard innovation over the past few years. The surf brand has a variety of surfboard shapes with shortboards, mid lengths, and longboards in its factory quiver. The company is regularly experimenting with new surfboard tech, and has a strong focus on sustainability by supporting a range of marine nonprofits and utilizing renewable materials, like wool and wood, over traditional surfboard materials.

The average price of a FireWire surfboard ranges from $600 to $1,200 USD.

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Standout surfboard brand for mid lengths and longboards

Almond is a seriously stylish surfboard brand that doesn’t shy away from color and fun shapes. Their also one of the few surfboard companies getting into the air of high performance foam boards (ideal for travel!). They’re based in Costa Mesa, California, and ideal for beginner or casual surfers with a bit of money to spend.

The average price for an Almond surfboard is around $1200 USD.

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Standout surfboard brand for innovative shapes

Most mainstream surfboard brands won’t touch asymmetrical shapes as they’re not easy to scale. This doesn’t scare away Album, a company based in San Clemente, California. It’s Disorder, Bullet, Townsend, and Fascination shapes are made specifically for regular and goofy footers.

The average price for an Album surfboard is around $1,300 USD.

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