The Best Surf Gloves

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Searching for gloves that’ll give you more paddle power in the water and/or protect your fingers from turning into icicles in chilly conditions? We’ve got you covered. These are the best surf gloves on the market.

The Best Surf Gloves: Quick Picks

  1. Rip Curl Flashbomb
  2. Xcel Comp Anti Glove
  3. Billabong Furnace
  4. H2Odessey Paddle
  5. Henderson Thermoprene
  6. Wetsox Gen II
  7. Woowave 3mm Doublelined
  8. Bare 7mm 3-finger
  9. Hyperflex Pro Glove
  10. Xuker Water Gloves

The Best Surf Gloves: Reviewed

Rip Curl Flashbomb

Thickness: 3mm

With a 3/2 construction on a classic 3 mil neoprene rubber, the Flashbomb is designed for keeping fingers toasty in the water. These gloves are flexible and have enough grip to help you grab onto the rail–no worries about skipping or sliding around here, thanks to gel panels that adhere to the board.

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Xcel Comp Anti Glove

Thickness: 0.3mm

The 5-finger design of the Comp Anti Glove is not just about durability, but also dexterity and maximum heat retention. Made from ultra-thin latex, heat is trapped in your hands while providing adeptness. It might not be robust enough to help you scramble over sharp reef, but it’ll keep your fingers toasty out in the surf.

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Billabong Furnace

Thickness: 3mm

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly pair of surf gloves, consider the Billabong Furnace. It is made from eco-conscious materials like recycled fibers. On top of this, it is infused with graphene yarns providing max warmth, thus its name.

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H2Odessey Paddle

Thickness: 3mm

These surf gloves give you extra paddle power out in the lineup, and works wonders for keeping your hands from sunburning. While it is awkward to use this (especially if its your first time), you will appreciate its paddling prowess courtesy from its web design. And when its time to hold your board, the sticky shark palm will aide you in having a good grip.

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Henderson Thermoprene

Thickness: 3mm

If you’re planning to ride a tropical surf that breaks in a shallow reef, then opt for the Henderson Thermoprene. Many surfers avoid hand scrapes and scratches with these gloves (although they do get pretty warm…). This is due to its rigid and thick neoprene material that has streamline seal. For temperate swells, you can fit these gloves over your wetsuit and seal it using its gator elastic wrist strap.

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Wetsox Gen II

Thickness: 2mm

These surf gloves are great if one of your primary surf concerns is sun protection. Thin enough to be flexible, though thick enough to add an extra element of warmth, these gloves are ideal. They are a little on the long side, but this lets you tuck them under a wetsuit or rashguard pretty easily. Plus, they offer great grip for standup paddlers.

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Woowave 3mm Doublelined

Thickness: 3mm

On top of warmth retention, the Woowave is known for its gripping powers. It has one of the largest surface areas when it comes to palm grip and the rubberized anti-slip pads will aide you in handling your board. The wrist strap keeps cool water from flooding in.

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Bare 7mm 3-finger

Thickness: 7mm

If you’re surfing destination is in a temperate country, do not forget to bring and use this surf glove. Using a 7mm neoprene rubber with a 3-finger mitt design, warmth in your hands is guaranteed. While it is initially awkward to use, you will eventually appreciate its mitt design that can aide you in paddling out even in cold waters.

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Hyperflex Pro Glove

Thickness: 3mm

Looking for a cheap but warm, soft and highly technical surf glove? Try wearing the Hyperflex Pro Glove. Its 3mm neoprene optimizes heat retention without compromising hand dexterity.

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Xuker Water Gloves

Thickness: 3 or 5mm

With a wide range of sizes to choose from, the Xuker Water Gloves is considered a top-rated unisex surf gloves. Whether you choose from XS to XL, warmth, dexterity and grip are guaranteed when worn.

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What to look for when choosing a surf gloves

In order to achieve warmth, grip control and hand dexterity, consider these features in the surf gloves you are about to use.


It is recommended you have different surf gloves with different thickness. You have to remember that water temperature varies on each site. For temperate areas, 5 to 7mm thick gloves are ideal while 2 and 3mm are great for the tropics.

Wrist strap

When you duck dive, a part of your glove opening will stretch allowing water to come in. With wrist straps, glove openings will be held in place.


Comfort and fit should always be paramount in choosing a surf glove. Not too tight and not too loose. If you choose a loose glove, then the heat retention of the gloves is compromised as water can come in. On the other hand, if it is too tight, you will lose dexterity up to a point that your fingers will become numb.

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