The Best Surf Ear Plugs

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There are two types of surfers: (1) surfer’s who’ve gotten an ear infection and (2) surfers who haven’t gotten an ear infection yet. Falling. Stumbling. Churning. It’s all part of surfing. As you fall, stumble and churn with the waves, anything can happen, from ear infections to busted ear drums.

But that’s only the minor consequence. Especially in cold water, exostosis or the surfers ear can develop over time. This medical condition is caused by repeated exposure of the ear to cold wind and water. When the ear canal is frequently subjected to cold temperature, it triggers the development of ear bones. As the ear bones grow, it can block the ear drum and ear canal which can lead to infection and hearing loss.

Removing the developed ear bones can be done with surgery. But why spend money on expensive surgery when all it takes to prevent such condition is a few bucks worth of surf ear plugs.

The Best Surf Ear Plugs: Quick Picks

  1. Surf Ears 3.0
  2. Mack’s Ear Seals
  3. Seki Silicone Ear Plugs
  4. Docs ProPlugs
  5. Aqua Ears
  6. EQ Seals
  7. Eartune Aqua U Surfer Ear Plug
  8. Oken Ear Plugs
  9. JBL Hydro Seal
  10. Alpine Pluggies

The Best Surf Ear Plugs: Reviewed

Surf Ears 3.0

Having a fixation wing, an acoustic mesh, a non-stick hydrophobic coat, and a sealing gel for the ear canal, the Surf Ears 3.0 is unmatched when it comes to comfort and fit. This Swedish-made surf ear plugs impedes wind and water entry while allowing sound to come in. Although sound is not 100% crystal, it is still audible that you can hear the conversation of your surfing buddies while waiting for the perfect wave.

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Mack’s Ear Seals

If you’re highly meticulous about ear comfort, then consider wearing the Mack’s ear seals. It does not contain any latex materials. Instead, it uses 2 types of silicone: a rigid tube for the inner ear and a soft ring pad for the outer ear.

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Seki Silicone Ear Plugs

Whether if you’re falling in a small or large surf, this ear plug will remain securely wedged in your ears. This is brought to you by its silicone material that is tapered for a snuggle ear fit. Aside from keeping water and wind out of your ears, you can expect that your ears will be safe from small debris like sand and silt.

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Docs ProPlugs

We know you are bothered in the possibility of developing exostosis (surfers ear). Don’t worry, you will be at ease with the use of Docs ProPlugs. When worn, this surf ear plug creates a warm pocket of air in the canal, leaving cold water out. This surfing gadget is buoyant and floats at the surface during an accidental dislodge… but good luck finding it on a heavy day.

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Aqua Ears

If you have sensitive ears, Aqua Ears may save you from any infection. This American made surf ear plug is made with ActivAloe which is an antioxidant that deters bacterial growth both on the ear and the ear plug itself. It is moldable, thereby providing maximum water and wind seal. Just be aware, that due to its tightness, sound is significantly reduced by 22db.

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EQ Seals

The EQ Seals is proven to be waterproof and windproof. With an  innovative design, it uses medical silicone that has breathable membrane. This maximizes entry of sound while preventing water to gush in.

The downsides for the surf ear plug is it only has 1 size and easily falls on large surf breaks, given it has no leash.

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Eartune Aqua U Surfer Ear Plug

Made from hypoallergenic silicone, this surf ear plug is not just about comfort, but also focuses on fit. It has different size configuration that will fit most ear sizes and shapes. On the ear tips, you can choose either to have a small or large tip. Same goes on the ear hooks where its selection includes a small or large ear hooks.

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Oken Ear Plugs

If you’re looking to combine comfort, fit, effectivity and proper placement, then consider the Oken Ear Plugs. This is not a universal ear plug and each ear piece is specifically labelled either for the left or right ear. In effect, this surf ear plug has a maximum seal against water and wind entry. It comes in 3 sizes (SML) and perfectly fits most ear sizes and shape.

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JBL Hydro Seal

JBL? Yes and it is not an earphone. This is a surf ear plug with a polymer construction easily withstanding the roughest of conditions. It has dual baffle design that allows sound entry while naturally locking into your ears.

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Alpine Pluggies

Not all ears are big. Some are small, like mine. The Alpine Pluggies is ideal for kids or adults with small ears. It has the same waterproof and windproof capabilities of most surf ear plugs. It is just the size of this unit that perfectly fits a tiny ear canal.

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What to look for when choosing a surf ear plug

Aside from being effective against wind and water entry, here are some factors that you will consider in choosing the best surf ear plugs for you.

In-Ear Comfort and Fit

What good does an expensive ear plug do to you when it doesn’t fit your ears. Like any watersports equipment, comfort and fit is one of the factors that you need to consider first. Moldable ear plugs can do the trick here. In my case, I try to select a material that provides ear comfort, then select a size that fits my ear canal.

Unimpeded Hearing

Wearing ear plugs could impede the passage of sounds to your ears. However, this should not be the case for surf ear plugs. Wearing one should allow you to hear your surroundings as hearing is critical in surfing.

Splash sounds. Hand paddle sounds. Shout from fellow surfer. If you don’t hear these sounds while wearing a surf ear plug, then it is a good indicator that you need to change.

Storage Case

Surf ear plugs are generally small items. They are hard to find if you just leave them anywhere. Having a storage case would not just help you tidy up things, but it will protect your ear plugs from the elements.

After washing and drying, you can place your ear plugs in the case and they are perfectly safe even in long storage period. In general, it increases its lifespan.

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