The Best Surf Camps in Brazil

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Peek at the list of World Surf League CT surfers and you’ll see quite a few Brazilian flags accenting the list. Some stats say they are over a million local surfers paddling out in the water, and Brazil hosts the world’s largest subtropical coastline. With a bit of napkin math, this means there’s 125 surfers per kilometer of coastline.

Surf spots in Brazil sprawl along the entire coastline, some more crowded than others. Beginner surfes might find the crowds intimidating, while others will find the competition in the water just part of the sport.

If you want to learn how to surf (or pick up new skills), join a surf camp. It’s the best way to surf in a more relaxed environment, make friends and enjoy the laidback beach life. Not sure where to go? We think these are the best surf camps in Brazil.

The Best Surf Camps in Brazil: At a Glance

Surf CampLocationPriceBook
Surf N Stay HostelRio de Janeiro$$Book
Longboard Paradise Surf ClubRio de Janeiro$$Book
Sea Wolf Surf ClubFlorianopolis, Santa Catalina, South Brazil$$Book
Brazil Surfing AdventureFlorianopolis, Santa Catalina, South Brazil$$$Book
Bada HostelCeara, Northeast Brazil$$Book
Bahia Surf CampBahia, Northeast Brazil$$$Book

The Best Surf Camps in Brazil: In Depth

Have you even visited Brazil if you haven’t stopped in Rio de Janeiro? Aside from the surf, you won’t want to miss iconic beaches like Ipanema and Copacabana.

Surf camps in Rio de Janeiro

Surf N Stay Hostel

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The best surf camp in Brazil for digital nomads

If you need to work amidst your surf trip, you’ll be in good company at Surf N Stay Hostel.

Near the beach, the hostel is known for their 8-day co-living program.

Mornings are dedicated for yoga. Stretched out and relax, yogis head to the water for surf lessons taught by a local instructor. If you want (need) to work, there is a co-working space with a decent Wi-Fi connection. A conference call room awaits those who need privacy or have stiff bosses.

Meals are not included in the package. But you can always cook your favorite dish at the kitchen or dine out and taste local flavors.

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Longboard Paradise Surf Club

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The best surf camp in Brazil for longboard surfers

If longboarding is your jam, Longboard Paradise Surf Club is for you.

There are a few room options available. Choose between a suite, shared or private room in the surf camp’s two surf houses.

Surf lessons take place in the mornings, and even experienced surfers will be able to learn a thing or two. Once your surf session is over, afternoons are usually spent at the pool.

This package includes a guided hiking tour on Pontal Hill, seen from the water. From the top, enjoy those blue ocean views and watch new swell lines come through.

Breakfast is included in the package.

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Surf Camps in Florianopolis

Located in the southern region of Brazil is Florianopolis, an island fabled to once have sorcerers and witches cursing spells to whoever sets foot on its soil.

Today, it is popularly called the Magic Island, but without the dark sorcery and witchcraft. With over 40 beaches, waterfalls and lagoons, the only spell you’ll encounter is falling in love with the island’s beauty.

Sea Wolf Surf Club

Location: Florianopolis, Santa Catalina, South Brazil

The best surf camp in Brazil for a week-long vacation

If you’ve got a week to surf in Brazil, head to a 7-day program at Sea Wolf Surf Club. There’s also a 4-day option, that includes yoga.

While the camp can accommodate 12 guests, surfing lessons are grouped and catered according to experience.

The gentle breakers make for a perfect playground for beginner surfers. Those who want more can head to nearby Praia da Joaquina, a world-class wave. Because they’re so much variety when it comes to wave selection around here, it’s a great cam for groups of friends or couples who differ in interest and skill level. Lessons typically take place in the morning and last two hours.

This package covers breakfast.

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Brazil Surfing Adventure

Location: Florianopolis, Santa Catalina, South Brazil

The best surf camp in Brazil for advanced surfers

If you’re an advanced surfer and serious about leveling up your skills by paddling out at heavier breaks the 14-day guided program with Brazil Surfing Adventure could be a good fit.

Surfers will hop into a vehicle and search for the best spot of the day — you’re not relegated to the closest break like most other surf camps, specifically those catered to beginners.

Surfers stay in a 40-square meter private studio apartment with kitchen access and a nice lounge area.

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The Best Alternative Surf and Kitesurf Camps in Brazil

Want to escape the city? These are the surf camps that are well protected from mass tourism.

Bada Hostel

Location: Ceara, Northeast Brazil

The best kitesurf camp in Brazil

Brazil isn’t just about surfing. If you’re keen to learn how to kite, or have it on your list of things to do when the surf is flat, head to Cumbuco where the surf camp of Bada Hostel caters to kitesurfers of all levels.

The best time to come is from June to January, when the wind is consistent. For two hours a day, you’ll have lessons with ABK and IKO certified kite instructors.

Expect nature’s serene sounds, and the occasional party at the Bada Bar. The hostel is within walking distance from restaurants, bars, and the beach. Private and shared rooms available. Breakfast is included with your stay.

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Bahia Surf Camp

Location: Bahia, Northeast Brazil

The best surf camp in Brazil for personalized coaching

Bahia Surf Camp caters to surfers of all skill levels, but if you’re already pretty experienced, you’ll get a lot of of the coaches here. At Bahia Surf Camp, your instructor is a Bahian surf champion and a local legend. Their 8-day fun surf program covers the dynamics of the wave, how to surf green waves, turns, and etiquette.

You have 3 choices of accommodation at Bahia Surf Camp. Surf house suites, bungalow suites, or a room in their wooden house.

All meals are included in the package. Soak in the nearby natural surroundings, which happens to be a protected environmental preservation area.

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