The Best Surf and Kitesurf Camps in Ecuador

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Stemming out of the Amazon basin to the offshore islands of the Galapagos, many natural wonders await this country named and divided by the Earth’s equator.

If you find yourself on the earth’s equator and are interested in learning how to surf? These are the best surf camps in Ecuador.

P.S., as a bonus, you’ll learn a bit of Spanish here, too!

The Best Surf and Kitesurf Camps in Ecuador: At a Glance

Surf CampLocationPriceBook
Surpacifico Spanish SchoolManta, Manabi$$Book
Vistamar Guest HouseAyampe, Manabi$$$Book
La Facha Hostel Restaurant SurfMompiche, Esmeraldas$Book
Outdoor Ecuador Spanish and Surf SchoolComuna Olon$$Book
Free Spirit Hostel ECPuerto Engabao$$Book
Brothers of the Wave Surf SchoolMontanita$$Book
La Buena Vida HotelAyampe, Manabi$$$Book

The Best Surfing Camps in Ecuador: Reviewed

Surpacifico Spanish School

Location: Manta, Manabi, Ecuador

The best surf camp in Ecuador for surfing and kitesurfing

The winds and waves in the coast in Manta make it an ideal place to learn two types of ocean sports, surfing and kitesurfing.

At the camp organized by Surpacifico Spanish School, their 7-day program allows you to choose and learn one of the sports, or both if you have time.

For surfing, 5 of your 7 days will be spent learning surf theory and catching waves. Most lessons take place in the afternoon.

In their kitesurfing program, you will undergo an 8-hour basic program. Ride along the breeze and swells in nearby sites like Playa Murcielago, Las Pinas, and San Lorenzo.

All equipment and transportation during the camp are included. The kitesurfing camp also includes a 20-hour Spanish lesson.

For accommodation, choose to stay either at their apartment or immerse yourself into local culture with a host family. It is a great way to taste home-cooked dishes unique to the region. Breakfast and dinner is included with your package.

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Vistamar Guest House

Location: Ayampe, Manabi, Ecuador

The best surf camp to see the most sites in Ecuador

If you’re traveling with just a limited amount of time, head to Vistamar Guest House.

Located in a small village with an international community, this surf camp marks the definition of rustic beauty and modern living. All newly furnished rooms have a great ocean view, hot water, and daily housekeeping. All meals are included in your program.

And while it could be tempting to stay inside all day, their 5-day surf program will lure you out into the ocean. Each stay includes surf lessons and rental equipment.

Making the most out of your stay, the package also includes horseback riding, snorkeling in nearby Isla de la Plata, and excursions to natural parks and archaeological sites.

Want to extend your stay a little longer? Then go for their 7 or 9-day program. Bikes are free to use and offer good exercise while exploring more of Ecuador.

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La Facha Hostel Restaurant Surf

Location: Mompiche, Esmeraldas, Ecuador

The best surf camp in Ecuador for beginner surfers and foodies

Nestled in the south side of Mompiche’s hook-shaped bay is La Facha Hostel Restaurant Surf.

This surf camp is ideal for beginners hoping to catch their first wave. In their 3-day program, a local instructor will teach you the basics of surfing, including wind and wave theory, the correct stance, how to catch a wave, and finally, how to catch a wave on your own.

While accommodation is decent, the food is sumptuous and spectacular. Dine in fusion cuisine restaurant where food is made by their in-house chef, which also happens to be the surf camp owner.

Sugarcoating aside, this restaurant boasts Lonely Planet’s title as the best restaurant in Mompiche.

Outdoor Ecuador Spanish and Surf School

Location: Comuna Olon, Ecuador

The best surf camp in Ecuador for beginners

The quality of a classroom affects learning. In Outdoor Ecuador Spanish and Surf School, your study hall is the quiet beach town of Olon cradled in an extended stretch of sandy beach. It’s the ideal setting to learn how to surf and speak Spanish.

In their 7-day program, you will have daily surf lessons and immersion classes to learn Spanish.

Choices for accommodation include a private room homestay (with breakfast and dinner) located 2 blocks away from the camp or directly at the Ocean Blue beach house, meals excluded.

Complimenting your stay at the camp, join yoga classes or indulge in a relaxing massage.

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Free Spirit Hostel EC

Location: Puerto Engabao, Ecuador

The best surf camp in Ecuador for surfing and yoga

Situated in the small beach town of Engabao in Southern Ecuador is a surf camp popular with their surf and yoga vacation – the Free Spirit Hostel EC.

While being a hostel, you will have a beachfront accommodation with an uninterrupted ocean view and stunning sunset scenery.

A few steps directly fronting the hostel is a beach break. The gentle waves are ideal for newbies or beginners wishing to improve their skill. Experienced surfers will have their own group, and the advanced 15-point break is usually their playground. Just be aware that surfing is only possible from September to June as the seas are flat during the rest of the year.

Back at the hostel, they are one of the few camps that has its own yoga deck. Except Sundays, daily yoga are a routine activity you can join where the fresh sea breeze rejuvenates your senses while stretching those tired and aching muscles.

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Brothers of the Wave Surf School

Location: Montanita, Ecuador

The best surf camp in Ecuador for private lessons

This surf camp, organized by the Brothers of the Wave Surf School, caters to guests looking for private lessons and surfing with professionals.

Rather than visiting tourist spots, their 6-day program focuses on surf knowledge and skills enrichment. They have 3 ISA-certified instructors who will handle the class and help fine-tune your surf skills, whether it’s catching your first wave or perfecting your turns.

Your accommodation will be at their surf house named “Henalu.” While there are snacks after surfing sessions, main course meals are excluded in the package — the village of Montanita is sprawling with restaurants. If you don’t want to go out, you can cook simple meals inside your room since each accommodation has a private kitchen.

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La Buena Vida Hotel

Location: Puerto Lopez, Ayampe, Manabi, Ecuador

The best eco-friendly surf camp in Ecuador

If you want to learn how to surf while being environmentally conscious during your entire stay, check out La Buena Vida Hotel. Each camp includes a complimentary massage during their 8-day program.

Small elements make a big impact at this boutique hotel. Toiletries are all organic, like the all-natural soap, lotion, and shampoo. They also practice recycling and treat 50% of their wastewater. All meals are included, where most of the ingredients are freshly harvested from their organic garden.

An in-house surf instructor starts your camp with surf theory lessons, before moving out into the water.

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