The Best Kitesurf and Surf Camps in Colombia

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Colombia is the gateway to South American tourism mostly known for its rainforest and mountain peaks. But, did you know it’s an upcoming surf destination, too?

Surfing in Colombia is not as big when compared to its neighbors in Central America, but the sport sure is growing. Stay at a surf camp and your Colombian adventure is bound to involve lush landscapes, local culture and secluded beaches.

The location of these Colombian surf camps is geographically divided by Central America. The Pacific side caters mostly to surfing, while kitesurfing is big on the Caribbean side. While there is a difference in environmental conditions (like bigger waves in the Pacific and stronger winds in the Caribbean), these surf camps have something in common: they’ll help you learn how to surf while showing you a new side of Colombia.

The Best Kitesurf Surf Camps in Colombia: At a Glance

Surf CampLocationPriceBook
Newtours ColombiaCamp 1: Nuqui, Choco (Pacific side)

Camp 2: Cartegena, Bolivar (Caribbean side)
Jimmy Aycardi - Viajes y Excursiones S.A.SBarranquilla (Caribbean side)$$Book
Kitesurf ExperienceJuan de Acosta (Caribbean side)$$Book
Kite Addict ColombiaMayapo, La Guajira (Caribbean side)$$Book
Pure KitesurfCartagena (Caribbean side)$$Book

The Best Kitesurf and Surf Camps in Colombia: Reviewed

Newtours Colombia

Location of Camp 1: Nuqui, Choco, Colombia (Pacific side)

Location of Camp 2: Cartegena, Bolivar, Colombia (Caribbean side)

Newtours Colombia has a surf camp on each side of Colombia.

On the Pacific side, their camp is on Terquito beach in the town of Nuqui. They offer a 4-day beginner’s program or a 14-day Tribuga Gulf surf tour for intermediate and advanced surfers.

For beginner surfers, your instructor will teach you the basics and techniques of surfing. Initially, practice takes place side by side on the water, eventually leading you to catch and ride your first wave. Accommodation includes a beachfront hotel with all meals included plus a guided jungle and waterfalls tour.

The 14-day package will be on a mobile set-up. You will stay at different eco-lodge accommodations. Some of the waves you’ll be riding are Pico de Loro, Jurubira, and other popular surf spots along the Gulf of Tribuga.

On the other side of Colombia in the Caribbean sea, their camp in Cartagena in Bolivar offers a similar 4-day beginner’s program. Aside from following the same beginner’s program, what sets this camp apart is the exclusive hotel accommodation nestled at the heart of a colonial Caribbean neighborhood.

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Jimmy Aycardi – Viajes y Excursiones S.A.S.

Location: Barranquilla, Colombia (Caribbean side)

The best surf camp on the Caribbean side of Colombia

If you want to learn or improve your surf skills while visiting the most surf spots in the Caribbean side of Colombia, then join the 5-day surfari program organized by Jimmy Aycardi – Viajes y Excursiones S.A.S.

Aside from being coached by professional surf instructors, this program is synonymous with sightseeing as you will visit different surf spots in Cartegena, Santa Marta, and Barranquilla. While in transit, you will stay at several accommodations like Gestemani Buotique Hotel in Cartagena, The Dreamer Hotel in Palomino, and Kasamar Hostal in Puerto Colombia.

All transportation and boat transfer is included in the package. Food is excluded, but you won’t go hungry with so many dining options at each stop.

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Kitesurf Experience

Location: Juan de Acosta, Colombia (Caribbean side)

The best kitesurf camp in Colombia

If you happen to be in Juan de Acosta and envy those kitesurfers you see on the beach, then take a look at the 7-day kitesurf camp program organized by Kitesurf Experience.

Handled by a Level 2 IKO instructor with 10 years experience, you have a fair shot of progressing with just two days of instruction. Photos and videos are taken during lessons to help you improve position, maneuver and posture.

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to kitesurf strapless, check out this camp. Catered not only for beginners, instructors will help you land your first jumps, 360s, and loops.

Your accommodation is on a private beach bungalow, the Hotel Kokohau. Only breakfast is covered in the package, but a great excuse to try local cuisine served in nearby restos.

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Kite Addict Colombia

Location: Mayapo, La Guajira, Colombia (Caribbean side)

The best surf camp in Colombia for newbie kitesurfers

Despite having flat waters, the winds in the coast La Guajira are constantly gusting, making it perfect for kite surfing. With Kite Addict Colombia, you can learn and enjoy this adrenaline-loaded sport through their 4-day kitesurf camp program.

Found in the vast white sand beach of Mayapo, the camp is all about kitesurfing. Martin, the camp owner and instructor, will handle the classes. For newbies, you’ll start the kite course at the lagoon and progress towards the fronting beach waters where wind conditions are more challenging.

Your accommodation is not far from where you set up your kite. You’ll sleep in a beach hut with a private bed and bath. Ocean views are available 24/7.

While this package only includes breakfast, dining out for lunch and dinner is a great way to try local treats.

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Pure Kitesurf

Location: Cartagena, Colombia (Caribbean side)

The best surf camp in Colombia for kitesafari

Want to learn or improve your kitesurfing skills while traveling in the Caribbean side of Colombia? Pure Kitesurf can make it happen for you with their 6-day kite safari.

This tour is only for intermediate and advanced kitesurfers. However, you will still discover new skills courtesy of the knowledge and expertise imparted by their IKO-certified instructor.

Your learning grounds for this program include the kitesurfing beaches of Cabo de la Vela, Puerto Velero, Rioacha, and Cartagena.

Hostels around the mentioned destinations will be your main mode of accommodation. All equipment, transportation, and meals are included in the package.

They also have a 6-day basic kitesurfing program offered in their Cartagena camp which is perfect for new kiters.

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