The Best Standup Paddleboards for Dogs: Buyer’s Guide

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If you are looking for a unique way to spend some quality time with your dog, consider buying a standup paddleboard. A paddleboard will considerably add to the fun and excitement of the paddling on the water, giving you and your dog an unforgettable experience. There are, in fact, special, larger, and safer paddleboards (sups) for dogs to easily accommodate both of your weight.

So, what are the best paddleboards for dogs? Let us find out.

The Best SUPs for Dogs: Overview

SUP for DogTypeSizeWeight
SereneLife SUPInflatable10’0″275 lbsCheck
AtollInflatable11’0″700 lbsCheck
ROCInflatable10’0″300 lbsCheck
ISLE VersaRigid10’5″300 lbsCheck
CBC HydraFoam10’6″300 lbsCheck
BIC Sport WingInflatable11’0″220 lbsCheck
GILIInflatable10’6″275 lbsCheck

The Best Sups for Dogs: Reviewed

The following are the 7 of the best paddleboards for dogs and what makes them an ideal choice to paddle with your canine.

1. ROC Inflatable Sup Board: The Most Versatile Standup Paddleboard

Type: Inflatable
Size: 10’0″
Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Roc Inflatable Sup Board is the most versatile paddleboard on our list. It comes equipped with all the accessories you need to instantly get on the water with your dog. For example, you can store your accessories and gears in a tied-down bungee. Similarly, you can easily carry the board using the center handle.

Just like Allot 11’, ROC Inflatable Sup is made of military-grade material. It is very sturdy, durable, reliable, and most of all, extremely stable. The robust construction also enables the paddleboard to withstand rough waters with the utmost ease. The premium dual-layer non-slip deck pad on the top also assists you in maintaining your balance and avoiding falls.

You can confidently use the extra-wide board regardless of your skill level and it will never fail you.

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2. SereneLife Inflatable Standup Paddleboard

The Best Paddleboard for New Paddlers

Type: Inflatable
Size: 10’0″
Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

If you are a new paddler, SereneLife Inflatable Standup Paddleboard is a perfect paddleboard to have. It is a very safe sup for pets because of the non-slip deck which cushions the fall in case of accidents and slippages. The 30-inch extra-wide top not only makes it a breeze to balance and stabilize but also provides enough space for your dog. On top of that, the sup comes with a wide stance bottom fin to improve maneuverability.

Being an inflatable paddleboard, it is also very easy to carry wherever you go. It also includes a carrying bag and a complete repair kit and can get you paddling right away. It is also a very economical standup paddleboard and therefore, you cannot go wrong with it.

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3. Atoll 11’ Inflatable Standup Paddleboard: The Paddleboard with Highest Capacity

Type: Inflatable
Size: 11’0″
Weight capacity: 700 lbs

Made of stronger than military-grade PVC. It is an inflatable board that offers the strength and rigidity of a hard paddleboard. Having dimensions of 11’ into 32” into 6”, it is a comparatively larger yet 40% lighter than the comparable models. The stiff, rigid, and sturdy board can easily support multiple persons and pets up to a combined weight of 700 pounds.

When it comes to safety and stability, the paddleboard prevents you and your furry friend from losing balance and slipping thanks to EVA foam on the top. Another great feature of the paddleboard is Universal Fin Box which enables you to easily use aftermarkets fins.

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4. ISLE Versa Rigid Standup Paddleboard: The Most Comfortable Paddleboard for Skin

Type: Rigid
Size: 10’5″
Weight capacity: 300 lbs

You would love ISLE Versa for its durable and lightweight design. Constructed using new eco-friendly thermal molded technology, the paddleboard offers an easy and stable ride, making it an ideal choice for the rider with any skill level.

Some of the most important accessories include a coiled leash, a removable center fin, and an adjustable carbon shaft plastic blade paddle. You can also store small bags, accessories, and gears in the bungee compartment located at the front. The board can easily accommodate you and your dog provided your combined weight does not exceed 275 pounds.

One of the best features of the ISLE Versa Rigid Paddleboard is a non-slip deck pad from the front to the tail. The non-abrasive deck pad also allows you to spend long hours on the board without damaging your skin. The outer shell is also resistant to animal claws. Finally, the paddleboard is not only beautiful but also performs exceptionally well in water.

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5. CBC Hydra 10.6’ Foam SUP: Ideal Sup for Smaller and Medium-Sized Dogs

Type: Foam
Size: 10’6″
Weight capacity: 300 lbs

You must consider CBC Hydra 10.6” Foam Sup if you have a smaller or medium-sized dog. It is a relatively smaller board with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. The paddleboard is laminated and heat-layered with waterproof resin and wood strings respectively. The main body is made of high-density EPS. You will also get accessories in the likes of a retractable center fin, a SUP leash, a camera mount, an adjustable paddle, and even a padded car roof rack.

Keep in mind that this standup paddleboard is devoid of a special traction pad. However, the pore-like deck does offer some traction besides helping you maintain your balance. Similarly, you can also bring in an external traction pad or apply some wax to prevent slips and falls. You will also like this soft top paddleboard if you are sensitive to hard surfaces.

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6. BIC Sport Wing 11’ Air Premium Inflatable Paddleboard: Best Sup for Enhanced Stability

Type: Inflatable
Size: 11’0″
Weight capacity: 220 lbs

BIC Sport Wing 11” Inflatable Paddleboard delivers superior stiffness, tracking, and stability because of its high-pressure 20psi fusion construction. Having a capacity of 220 pounds, paddlers of different sizes and skill levels can use the paddleboard without any worries. The extra-large paddleboard also provides enhanced stability while ensuring maximum performance.

The Air Premium paddleboard also comes with standard accessories including a leash, a paddle, a speed pump, a repair kit, a backpack, and a fin. You can also adjust the fiberglass paddle according to your height or weight. The paddleboard also features reinforced rails to provide protection again abrasion in addition to adding durability.

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7. GILI Inflatable Standup Paddleboard: The Most Spacious Paddleboard to Have

Type: Inflatable
Size: 10’6″
Weight capacity: 275 lbs

GILI Inflatable Standup Paddleboard is also a great paddleboard for dogs for several reasons. For example, it provides you with speed, agility, and high built quality. It is also a capacious paddleboard, offering sufficient space to you and your dog. Similarly, it can easily support more than one person as well.

The nose and center carry handle make it easier for you to carry the paddleboard. It also has a long traction pad extending from front to rear. 6 inches of depth or thickness means the board can cope with rough waters besides ensuring stability. This standup paddleboard is especially popular among novice and intermediate paddlers for its comfort, stability, capacity, stiffness, and durability.

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Choosing the Best SUP for Dogs: Things to Consider

Above mentioned are some of the best standup paddleboards for dogs to choose from. However, you need to keep many things in mind while shopping for a standup paddleboard. Some of these criteria are as under.


Stability and safety are the most important considerations while choosing a sup. Inflatable paddleboards are usually less stable than hardboards. Therefore, you must spend some time training yourself and your dog if you are going for an inflatable paddleboard.

Support for Extra Weight

Typical standup paddleboards have a maximum capacity of 275 pounds. Smaller paddleboards, on the other hand, can carry significantly less weight. You must look for paddleboards with high weight capacity if you have heavier dogs like mastiffs and Rottweilers. You also need to consider your own weight as well.

Plenty of Deck Surface Area

When it comes to deck surface area, you must pay special attention to length and width. You will get a lot of space if you buy the average 10 feet long by 30 inches wide board. However, you need more space if you have a restless dog who likes to wander while onboard. It is important if you bring extra accessories, edibles, beverages, and carry-ons with you. Extra space also enables you to do more activities.

Traction Pads for Dogs

You will find traction pads for dog paws on most paddleboards these days. Traction pads are necessary even if your dog can balance itself on the paddleboard on its own. You can also buy self-adhesive traction pads if the paddleboard lacks one. They can also come to your rescue in case of a slippery paddleboard. 


You should also take the material of paddleboard in the account if you don’t want your dog to tip over. The pet is less likely to tip if you have a paddleboard with soft top material. Similarly, paddleboards made of epoxy also minimizes the chances of your dog slipping and tipping.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about SUP with Dogs

Can dogs ride on inflatable sup?

Yes, dogs can paddle or ride on inflatable sups. Inflatable paddleboards or sups are not only very stable but also provide plenty of traction for their paws. In short, they are the best types of paddleboards for dogs.

What is the best paddleboard for a beginner?

A beginner should always choose a high-quality inflatable standup paddleboard. They come with fins that help in maneuverability and steering. However, you don’t need to steer them excessively. Similarly, they are very stable, sturdy, and durable.

Should I buy inflatable sup?

Inflatable sups are an ideal choice for all-round leisure paddling. They are much better than hard paddleboards in terms of portability, weight, durability, and versatility. Similarly, they are very stable and offer a lot of traction, preventing injuries to you and your dog. However, hardboards are a better option if you want one for sup surfing or racing.