Top Scuba Diving Brands from A-Z

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The sport of scuba diving has undoubtedly been dominated by big brand names. And honestly, without these big scuba brands, we may not have achieved the level of safety, comfort and equipment efficiency that we all enjoy today.

These scuba diving brands have been serving the industry for years and are worth looking into if you’re on the hunt for new scuba diving gear.

Note that these scuba diving brands and manufacturers are arranged alphabetically—not according to market rankings.


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This top diving brand started in the mid 1970’s in Lancashire England when two friends worked together and crafted a rugged yet lightweight regulator. Their precision craftsmanship has paved the way to transfer their garage-based workshop into a world-class production facility.

Today, Apeks is a renowned manufacturer of scuba regulators plus a full line of scuba equipment like BCD, mask, fins, gauges, dry bags and other scuba accessories. Take note that while most of their equipment is geared towards technical diving, it can be used by all divers. Newbies shouldn’t shy away.

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Take a look at their MTX-R regulator which is lightweight, jaw-friendly and is consistently listed in the Best Scuba Diving Regulators.

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If you want to send a warm greeting to the one who started scuba diving, then send your Hi’s and Hello’s to Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the father of scuba diving. His work back in the 1940’s has made way for the development of the first demand regulator called the “Aqua Lung”.

From a name used for an invention to now a large manufacturing company, Aqua Lung is one of the big names in the dive supply industry. From the first scuba regulator they made back then, Aqua Lung now has a complete line of scuba equipment and accessories.

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They have everything from head to foot like hoods, masks, snorkels, BCDs, regulators, wetsuits, drysuits, rash guards, gloves, booties, fins and a ton of other accessories like their Squeeze Lock Blunt Tip Knife which is considered one of the Best Dive Knife.

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This popular scuba equipment manufacturer started when two reputed equipment designers joined hands in a mission to patent high-end diving equipment. In 1995, Atomic Aquatics was born. At first, they focused on producing high caliber scuba regulators where its “natural breathing feel” has been a sought after feature.

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Slowly, they venture out to other scuba equipment where they now offer masks, snorkels, BCDs and fins. To all ladies with optimal leg power, check out their split fins which have always been listed in our Best Scuba Diving Fins.

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Bauer is famous for its scuba compressors. The success of this industry leader can be traced back in 1888 when a blacksmith in South Germany started making agricultural machines, which eventually shifted to high pressure machineries.

Today, Bauer has an attractive line of scuba compressors. Their compact Junior II units are highly recommended for the frequent traveler and loves to explore the remotest dive location. For dive shops, their Mariner series is a mainstay and can always meet your airfill requirements even on a high season. Of course, you can always expect that Bauer is always listed at the top of the Best Scuba Compressors.  


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This Italian company started in 1938 when the Cressi brothers, who are into the early days of aquasports, started handcrafting in what is now called a mask and a speargun. After successfully producing a series of models, they ventured into other scuba equipment, where they now offer a full line of scuba equipment and accessories.

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One product we’re loving at the moment is their F1 mask. This frameless mask is compact, hydrodynamic and is listed in our best scuba diving masks round-up.

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Without scuba tanks, diving is impossible. And this is where the Luxfer company gives its share of the pie in the sport of scuba diving. Before it became a leader in the gas cylinder industry, Luxfer first started in making glass panels in1897. But with the availability of metal products, they ventured in making aluminum cylinders and introduced the Luxfer high pressure gas cylinder in 1958.

Luxfer today has a whole line of scuba cylinders. But the most popular is their 80 cubic feet aluminum tank which is consistently listed in the best scuba tanks. This tank only weighs 14.3 kilograms (31.5 pounds), positively buoyant when empty and nitrox ready up to 23.5% oxygen mix.


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Considered as one of the big names in scuba equipment, Mares started out in 1949 as an Italian manufacturer of masks and spearguns. As its operations grew, they bought Dacor in the 1980’s, which is back then, one of the five original US companies making scuba equipment.

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Today, Mares has a complete line of scuba equipment that have been produced with extensive research and experimenting. We love their Liquidskin mask, a highlight in our list of the best freediving masks.      

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When Bob Hollis started diving in the 1950’s, he fell in love with underwater photography. This passion has led him to create Oceanic which specializes in making underwater cameras, casings and housings. Since then, Oceanic has ventured out in other aspects of diving where they now have a complete catalogue of scuba diving equipment from head to foot.

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Check out their sleek Max-Depth SWIV which is a combo console consisting of SPG and a depth gauge and has been consistently listed as one of the best submersible pressure gauges. If you want their high-tech version, check out their full color VTX dive computer which is rated to be one of the best air integrated dive computers available in the market.

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When it was founded in 1963, Scubapro has crafted many innovations that have been the blue-print for many equipment evolution we use today. From old school masks that evolve into frameless masks, BCD’s that are integrated with a 2nd stage regulator and high performance fins like their sturdy jet fins or their innovative split fins.

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Aside from their outstanding dive computers which they inherited upon merging with Uwatec, their scuba regulators are superb and are consistently listed in our best scuba regulators. Check out their MK25 EVO A700 regulator which can function at any depth, in cold temperatures and has a soft breathing feel.

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It is hard to talk about dive computers without mentioning the Suunto brand. But before they became a market institution for dive computers, Suunto started with crafting liquid-filled compass in 1936, which we now call marine compass. Soon after this invention, they set out in crafting precision instruments like sports watches, gauges and of course dive computers.

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To all the ladies, hold your horses as Suunto has every type of dive computer you need. For the standard wrist type dive computer for scuba diving, you can check Suunto’s DX Titanium and Zoop Novo. You can view and read more information about these computers in our best scuba diving computer article. For air integrated dive computers, their Eon Steel and Cobra 3 are always a standout. If you are into freediving computers, you should definitely check their D4F and D6i Novo models.

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Considered as a mainstay brand, Tusa has been producing high quality products and has served the global market for quality scuba equipment. Founded in Japan in 1952, Tusa started out as a manufacturer for handmade masks and goggles. With the success of their handcrafted products, Tusa evolved from a garage-based producer to a full scale scuba manufacturer where they have ventured out in making regulators, BCDs, torches, booties, gloves, fins, wetsuit and a lot more.

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What really stands out with Tusa products are their high quality material. This is very evident if you go to a dive shop and see Tusa equipment that is used frequently, faded but still in good condition. A perfect example of this is their Liberator X-Ten fins listed in our best scuba diving fins.

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You might have used and enjoyed the benefits of a weight integrated BCD. Well, send your warm greetings to Zeagle as they are the ones who first introduced this innovation back in 1982. While they have a complete line of scuba equipment, most of their products are geared towards technical diving and military diver use.

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Recreational divers are most welcome to use their high-end products. For instance, check out their Zena BCD where this streamlined back inflation unit listed in our best scuba BCDs for women.

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