From the sunny Caribbean to the sublime South Pacific, the liveaboard experience has caught the imagination of divers from all around the world. Our 6 top quality vessels featured here will transport on an unforgettable experience. In complete luxury and comfort, these liveaboards will make you feel as if you’re diving from your own home.

In this guide to scuba diving in Mexico we’ll cover:

Why scuba dive in Mexico?

Average water temperature: Ranges from 22°C to 28°C ( 72°F to 82°F)
Best time to dive in Mexico: If you plan to dive in Socorro Island or in the Pacific Ocean in Mexico, the best time to visit is from November to May because the seas tend to be calmest during these months. The Caribbean side of Mexico is typically warm all year round. If you want to dive in Guadalupe, August to October is when most liveaboard trips run.
Dive ability: All abilities.
What you can expect to see on a Mexico liveaboard trip: All types of rays migrate through the seas around Mexico (mobula rays, manta rays, devil rays), as well as whale sharks. If you enjoy shark diving, you can have a chance to see hammerhead sharks and bull sharks. There are plenty of reef fish, cave fish, seahorses, starfish, surgeonfish, and much more. Sea lions often come by during your surface interval.

The Best Mexico Liveaboards – At a Glance

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NAUTILUS UNDER SEA8YesYes28m$$$CheckCheck
SOLMAR V12YesNo37m$$CheckCheck
ROCIO DEL MAR10YesNo34m$$$CheckCheck
QUINO EL GUARDIAN 5YesNo25m$$CheckCheck

The Best Mexico Liveaboards – In Depth


Picture Credit: Andreas Dellios, Nautilus Explorer

Year of commission: 2000
Year of renovation: 2015

This sturdy 35m long, steel hulled boat, offers great value for money for those seeking to unravel the hidden underwater mysteries of Guadalupe. The magnificent, fully air-conditioned, Nautilus Explorer can accommodate up to 27 guests in its state-of-the-art rooms. These rooms comprise of 4 suite rooms on the upper deck and 9 staterooms on the lower deck, including one with triple occupancy. All rooms have modern facilities and adequate storage space.

The Main Salon serves as the dining and entertainment venue with a fully stocked bar, library, and movies playing during evenings. The open deck has a dedicated camera area. Guests can take advantage of the free kayaking facility or go snorkeling and diving to view some great pelagic marine species like, manta rays, humpback whales, and sharks. The onboard chefs take great pride in serving some high quality food as per the requirements of the guests.

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Picture Credit: Nautilus Belle Amie

Year of commission: 2005
Year of renovation: 2014

The well-furbished 41m long Nautilus Belle Amie has been sailing to some of the most unique diving spots of Baja, Mexico for many years. The highly experienced 11-member crew allow guests to view the diverse marine life like, manta rays, dolphins, and a variety of sharks safely at close quarters.

The 17 rooms on the liveaboard can accommodate 36 passengers. All rooms are air-conditioned and fully equipped with all the modern comforts to make your diving holiday truly a special one. This motor vessel has superior suites and cabins located at different levels.

The Nautilus Belle Amie has excellent viewing and photography facilities which allow guests to have a 360 degree panoramic view. Alcohol is available for extra at the liveaboard bar. Guests can spend their time relaxing at the bar or receive a massage at the spa. Free kayaks are available for everyone and are a great boon for those who cannot dive and enjoy exploring the surroundings.

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Picture Credit: Nautilus Under Sea

Year of commission: 1968
Year of renovation: 2015

The Nautilus Under Sea is a refurbished luxury liveboard vessel, that is 28m in length and can accommodate up to 18 guests in its 8 stately rooms. Originally a ship designed for research purposes, the boat now ferries diving enthusiasts on extended trips to Socorro and Guadalupe smoothly and in comfort.

While making a reservation, guests have multiple choices for rooms which range from suites, cabins and bunks all with modern amenities and air-conditioning. There are ample vantage points on the sun deck for guests to relax and spot the varied marine life like dolphins from time to time. Other features include a dining hall and lounge and free satellite phone availability in lieu of WiFi.

As guests enjoy the encounters with sharks and manta rays on their day to day dives, the onboard hostesses strive to serve some exciting food options everyday. Fresh American and Mexican cuisine is served at mealtimes. Unlimited soft drinks and snacks are served free throughout the day and a wide variety of alcohol is available for extra cost.

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Picture Credit: Solmar V

Year of commission: 1980
Year of renovation: 2006

Being one of the most established of all boats operating year round cruises for divers to the islands of Guadalupe and Socorro, the Solmar V stands apart from its nearest rivals by far. Encounters with sharks, manta rays, and other sea life are guaranteed.

The 12 lavish, well-appointed rooms of the stunning Solmar V offer guests high class service and comfortable travel. There are 6 superior staterooms, 4 standard staterooms, and 2 single staterooms all with modern facilities available. The brass fittings, mahogany interiors, wall to wall carpeting, and granite table tops add to the luxurious ambiance.

At the end of a hard day, guests can relax in the salon with a drink or catch a movie on the entertainment system.  A spacious sundeck on the upper tier is great for sunbathing or watching the varied bird and marine life.

Needless to say, meals on the Solmar V are in a class if their own. There is a wide range of snacks and regular meals on offer, both before and after all dives and during meal times. Free Mexican beer and Chilean wine can be consumed in the evenings, while a wide bar selection can be availed of on payment.

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Picture Credit: Rocio del Mar

Year of commission: 2008

The Rocio Del Mar is the ultimate luxury liveboard vessel in Mexico that runs scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and boating excursions to the stunning Sea of Cortez. This 34m-long liveaboard can carry up to 20 passengers in its 10 spacious cabins. Amenities include air conditioning, attached bathrooms, ample storage area and option of twin or double bed configuration.

There is a salon for relaxation as well as a large dining area and a covered sundeck with sitting facilities. The ship has been so designed so as to allow for a smooth movement while anchored or when at sea.

The dedicated crew offer personal service to enhance the experience of your voyage. All meals and snacks onboard are included in the price, including complimentary beer and wine at the end of the day. Starting from a large continental breakfast spread and ending with a three course meal at dinner, there is no dearth of quality food served. And to add to the fun, if the weather allows, a rooftop dining option is available where the crew join hands to serve guests under a starry sky.

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Picture Credit: Quino el Guardian

Year of commission: 1980
Year of renovation: 2015

The 25m long Quino el Guardian, is a research ship which can carry a maximum of 16 passengers in 4 cabins which are all four bedded. The cabins are all self-sufficient as far as all amenities are concerned.The ship plies in the waters of Pacific Mexico, where divers can opt for Baja California, Sea of Cortez or the Socorro islands to fulfill their dreams. No wonder these regions are known for easy sightings of Manta rays, humpback whales and dolphins.

When not diving, guests can unwind on the sundeck or in the salon watching TV or using the computer. There is a large deck for diving and plenty of space for camera tables.

Meals onboard are all fresh and served in the dining hall. Starting with a hearty breakfast and ending with a full course dinner, the crew leaves no stone unturned to attend to the culinary desires of the guests. And yes, beer and wine is also on the house! All that you can drink.

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