Real mermaids at Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy.

The Best Mermaid Tails for Kids: A Buyer’s Guide

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Whether you were to be spellbound by Disney’s the Little Mermaid when it first came out, or enjoyed Hollywood’s various mermaid films, mythical mermaids have been influencing us since time immemorial. Seriously, they’ve been around forever.

Now, in the 21st century, mermaids are hitting headlines again. Whether you want to be Aquaman or Ariel, being a mermaid, merman, or merperson has never been easier. Keep reading for all the splish-splash on how to become your favorite mono-finned character.

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What is a Mermaid Tail?

So, how do you become a land-walking sea-swimming person from the pages of legend? By donning a mono-fin of course! Most mermaid tails are a combination of either a snug fitting sleeping bag-styled suit that can hold an optional monofin at the base of the tail. This can also be sold as a separate fin, without the scaled over-suit.

Fin vs. No-Fin

To fin or not to fin, might be your question. If you fancy reclining on a nearby beach or rocky outcrop, then a finless suit is a wise choice. However, if you want to make some waves, or delve into the deep, then you’ll want a monofin for efficient diving. In fact, monofins are used by freedivers, as they’re energy efficient and provide greater thrust through the water.

Most of the mermaid tail suits are made from water-resistant fabrics, and will have a streamlined design. Look for suits that are size/age appropriate for the best fit. The best mermaid tails are made with bright colours, and may even come with optional bathing swimwear to wear underneath.

What to Look for in a Mermaid Tail

Fit: The mermaid tail should be snug around the hips.

Materials: The materials should be water-resistant or waterproof.

Features: A wide tail, flexible fin, and easy to put on or take off.

Style: Plain, frilled, stiff or flexible, fins come in many varieties. There’s a mermaid tail no matter your style.

The Benefits of Owning Your Own Mermaid Tail

  • Don’t have to worry about finding one that fits properly
  • Peace of mind in knowing who’s worn it before
  • Save on renting if you swim often

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Mermaid Tail

A safety point to remember; mermaid tails can restrict swimming movement, and may be unsafe for some children. Recent studies have shown that children who are learning to swim will struggle to maintain safe buoyancy and control in the water when wearing a mermaid tail. Therefore, it is recommended that children never be left unattended when by the water, and strictly observed when swimming.

This safety information has been made publicly available. Download the study directly from the Royal Life Saving Society of Western Australia.

The Best Mermaid Tails for Kids

Here are our favourite mermaid tails for your children. Reliable companies make all of them, they cover a range of budgets, and best of all, no mermaids were harmed in their manufacture.

Best Mermaid Tails for Kids: At a Glance

Mermaid TailsManufacturerPrice
MerFin ClassicMahina Mermaid$$-$$$
Mermaid Linden MonofinBody Glove$
Mermaid MonofinLiyaHair$
Mermaid Swim SetLovely Mermaid$
Mermaid Tail for GirlsFin Fun$$
Designer Mermaid TailSun Tail$$
Mermaid Tail for SwimmingFin Fun$$-$$$
Mermaid Tail – Multi StyleFin Fun$$$
Mermaid Tail Maui SplashFin Fun$$$

Best Mermaid Tails for Kids: In Depth

1. MerFin Classic by Mahina Mermaid

*The Salt Sirens Top Pick!*

Mahina Mermaid fins are crafted by Mahina, a professional mermaid from Australia. Her MerFin Classic for kids mermaid tails combine functionality, style, and safety. The fins do not have a slip over the fin, making them easy to remove while swimming. Mahina MerFin Classic is one of the best fins for capable swimmers who want to perfect their swimming technique, as a lot of thought has gone behind the fin’s physical shape.

Shop MerFin Classic by Mahina Mermaid

2. Mermaid Linden Monofin by Body Glove

A basic monofin without a suit, it’s made for fun in the sun! It has two separate foot-wells for their feet, making it more secure and easy to kick with. It also comes in two colours; teal/navy and pink/purple. 

Shop Mermaid Linden Monofin by Body Glove

3. Mermaid Monofin by LiyaHair

Another entry-level monofin, this time with an adjustable strap and quick release. It has soft pockets that securely hold their feet. It also has silica gel for non-slip on the bottom, and comes in three colors; pink, blue, and green.

Shop Mermaid Monofin by LiyaHair

4. Mermaid Swim Set by Lovely Mermaid

When Ariel’s getting dressed in the morning, this is the wardrobe she no doubt would choose. This rainbow mermaid tail comes with a removable monofin, a bikini top, a bikini bottom, and is available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Shop Mermaid Swim Set by Lovely Mermaid

5. Mermaid Tail for Girls by Fin Fun

This best-selling mermaid tail is astonishingly good. It has a removable monofin with reinforced tail-tips – that prevent tearing of the suit, or accidentally breaking. It also comes in a range of colors and sizes, even for adults who can’t resist.

Shop Mermaid Tail for Girls by Fin Fun

6. Designer Mermaid Tail by Sun Tail

This mermaid tail is designed to really cause a splash. It comes with a halter-neck bikini top and life-like scale suit. It’s available in a rainbow of colours, and can have its monofin removed as required.

Shop Designer Mermaid Tail by Sun Tail

7. Mermaid Tail for Swimming by Fin Fun

Mermaid tails have never been more enticing than with this range by Fin Fun. Each tail comes as a swimmable tail, with their patented Tip Reinforcement Technology, and is available in various multi-color designs.

Shop Mermaid Swimming Tail by Fin Fun

8. Mermaid Tail – Multi Style by Fin Fun

Kid’s mermaid monofin tails don’t come much snazzier than these! A range of bright colours, sizes for everyone, and a removable monofin means everyone will be able to have a fin-flipping good time.

Shop Mermaid Tail – Multi Style by Fin Fun

9. Mermaid Tail Maui Splash by Fin Fun

The penultimate mermaid tail on the market, this Fin Fun tail has it all. It has their patented reinforced removable monofin, comes in a size for every member of the family, and array of dazzling colors.

Shop Mermaid Tail Maui Splash by Fin Fun

Which mermaid tail is your favorite? 

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