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The Best Kitesurf Travel Bags: Buyer’s Guide

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And there I was, trying to find my way to my connecting flight. A striking sun, a humidity of 90%, and no carts to be seen.

“Luckily my kitesurf bag can be carried as a backpack!” I thought.

Well, my kitesurf bag was so heavy, my legs felt like jelly!

Are you looking for the best kitesurf bag? We’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll show you the best bags on the market and highlight a few things to look for when choosing the best kiteboard bag for you.

Quick Tips for Choosing a Kitesurf Bag

When it comes to travel bags the first things you need to ask yourself are:

  • Am I planning to travel with my kite gear?
  • How much kite gear do I want to take with me?

If you are planning on taking several kite trips and carry your own gear, make sure you choose a kitesurf bag with wheels. Yeah, bags with wheels are slightly heavier but definitely easier to drag around.

If you find yourself in a situation like I did, when you have connecting flights in order to arrive at your final destination, carrying a kiteboard bag without wheels is not ideal. In my case, I had to change terminals, there were no carts available, the airport was so crowded that I could barely move… nevermind trying to fit my bag in between long queues of passengers and bystanders.

Avoid my mistake with these top-notch kitesurfing bags.

The Best Kitesurf Bags: Reviewed

1. Mystic Golfbag Pro Kite

Best all-around kitesurf bag

Size: 150 x 45 x 40 cm
Weight: 4.6 kg
Golf Bag: Yes

The Mystic Golfbag Pro Kite is an affordable and practical kiteboard bag that’ll take your kitesurfing gear on holiday with ease. It fits easily two boards, a few kites, and your harness.

This kitesurf bag comes with two integrated wheels making it very easy to maneuver. It also has an interior padded board divider. You can rest assure that your gear will reach its destination intact. It’s highly durable and some kitesurfers report having theirs for years without issues.

The best feature of this bag is its Golf Bag shape. It will save you the extra cost at check in when declared as golf equipment!

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2. ION Gearbag Core Kite

Best practical kitesurf bag

Size + Weight:
140 x 43 cm – 3.7 kg when empty.
153 x 27 cm – 3.8 kg when empty.
167 x 50 cm – 4.0 kg when empty.
186 x 53 cm – 4.2 kg when empty.
Golf Bag: No

The ION Gearbag is a popular bag amongst pro kitesurfers. It will allow you to fit about two boards, a harness, and up to four kites. Featuring lightweight construction and heavy-duty wheels, getting from A to B will be effortless.

ION has gone the extra mile adding a practical tool bag to help you stay organized. Forget about wasting time trying to find bits and pieces to put your gear together!

This kitesurf bag stylishly comes in blue and red.

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3. Mystic Elevate Square

Best kitesurf bag for multiple boards

Size + Weight:
140 x 45 x 30 cm – 3.4 kg when empty.
165 x 55 x 30 cm – 3.6 kg when empty.
173 x 55 x 30 cm – 3.8 kg when empty.
Golf Bag: No

Slightly more expensive that the Mystic Golfbag Pro, this lightweight boardbag comes in a square shape allowing you to fit more gear inside. It also comes with thick interior and exterior padding and board divider and its manufactured in extra thick HXcomb material. Mesh helps air out wet gear, keeping it fresh.

One of the best features of this bag is its detachable wheel and strap system which will save you extra weight as needed.

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4. Mystic Gearbox Square

Best heavy-duty kitesurf bag

Size + Weight:
145 x 45 x 30 cm – 4.8 kg when empty.
165 x 50 x 30 cm – 5.0 kg when empty.
173 x 50 x 30 cm – 5.2 kg when empty.
Golf Bag: No

If you are unsure what the wind is going to be like and you’re looking to bring as much gear as possible, the Gearbox is the best option on the market. It fits up to 265L worth of equipment. The largest size can fit at least three kites, two boards, and your harness. The smallest size can likely fit three kites, one board, and a harness.

The XL wheels of this kitesurf bag make it extra easy to drag around and the 3D mesh airvents keep gear from getting manky during long flights. This is the bag to get if you’ll be handling long walks with your kitesurf gear over rough terrain.

Note that even the smallest size of this bag is about a kilogram heavier than the Elevate Square, mostly due to the more rugged build and larger wheels.

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5. Mystic Matrix Square

Best kitesurf bag for international travel

Size + Weight:
145 x 45 x 20 cm – 4.0 kg when empty.
165 x 50 x 20 cm – 4.4 kg when empty.
173 x 50 x 20 cm – 4.6 kg when empty.
Golf Bag: No

Mystic created the little brother of the Gearbox Square for those travelers that still like large wheels, but don’t need as much space for gear. The medium and large option can carry at least three kites, two boards, and a harness. The smallest size can carry two kites, one board, and a harness.

The Mystic Matrix Square is rugged and 3D air vents keep gear from getting musty. It has adustable shoulder straps with EVA foam, a transparent inner pocket, and a heavy duty zipper.

With the same features of the above bags, protective padding, HXcomb material and 3D airvents, the Matrix Square also comes with XL wheels.

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6. Dakine Club Wagon Kite Travel Bag

Size + Weight:
140 x 45 x 25 cm – 3.6 kg when empty.
155 x 50 x 25 cm – 4.0 kg when empty.
190 x 50 x 25 cm – 5.0 kg when empty.
Golf Bag: Yes

A popular kitesurf bag among travelers, the Dakine Club Wagon is not only stylish (it comes in teal, black, and mint), it’s also practical and designed with kitesurfers in mind. Internal compression straps help keep things compact and each bag also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

This kitesurf bag is duffel style with two wheels. It can easily fit a handful of kites, multiple boards, a pump, harness, and more. It’s largest size is one of the biggest kiteboard bags on the market, but even at this size, it’s not too unweildly to travel with.

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7. SP Boarding Roller

Size + Weight:
135 x 50 x 25 cm – 3.4 kg when empty.
145 x 50 x 25 cm – 3.7 kg when empty.
155 x 50 x 25 cm – 3.9 kg when empty.
Golf Bag: No

Specifically designed not to add extra weight on your long-distance travels, the SP Boarding Roller bag is one of the more lightweight kitesurf bags around.

This bag has been thoughtfully designed. Protection pads and compression straps secure everything in place, but the highlight of the bag is the optional addition of adding a travel bag onto the kitesurf bag for personal items. This keeps all of your travel gear in one convenient spot. Dragging your gear between airports is never been easier!

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Choosing the Best Kitesurf Bag: Tips and Things to Consider

Golf Bag vs. Kitesurf Bag

You might notice that some kiteboard bags have the word “Golf” written on the side–if you want to save money in the long run, these might be a good investment. Golf equipment travels for free on a number of the airlines while other sports equipment are be subject to extra charge. If you are asked during check in, you can always play the “it’s golf equipment” card. As a tip? Sell the look by wearing a comfy polo shirt.

Wheels vs. No Wheels

Many kitesurfers opt for no-wheeled kitesurf bags to save on weight. While this is fine if you’re only traveling short distances, or use your kiteboard bag to move from your house to the kite spot, it can be a pain to travel with long term.

You’ll likely be travelling with your personal items as well. Clothes, toiletries, wetsuits–these items tend to be less bulky and lighter than a fully-loaded kitesurf bag. It could be worth keeping your personal items in a backpack and allowing some extra weight to invest in a kitesurf bag with wheels.

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Use Vacuum Bags

You might not need as large of a kitesurf bag as you might think! Vacuum bags are a life saver. Simply use the small pump to pull the air from the bag and everything will be reduced to minimum size. (As an aside, this could be a great gift for the kitesurfer in your life!)

Pack Your Gear Properly

Remove the fins and handles of your kiteboard. These can rip your bag or kite while it is been “gently” thrown around from the aircraft hold to the airport by baggage handlers.

Factor in the Weight of the Bag

Go as light as possible when it comes to your kitesurf bag, while still keeping an eye on comfort and size. It’s important to remember the 32 kg rule. Most of the airlines will accept your overweight or oversized kitesurf bag at check-in with extra cost, but will reject it if it exceeds 32 kg.

Now get packing and happy travels!