The Best Glamping Tents: A Buyer’s Guide

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Are you looking to purchase a luxury glamping tent? Not sure what the difference between camping and glamping is? We’ll make sure to explain the differences between glamping and camping and also let you know about the best glamping tents out there.

What’s the difference between camping and glamping? Imagine being able to camp but in a luxury tent. Glamping tents are designed to let you have the highest comfort level possible so you can enjoy the outdoors and still feel like you have all the luxuries of living at home.

If you’re someone who wants to connect with nature on the deepest most intimate level, then you most likely don’t need anything more than a tent and a sleeping bag to fully enjoy your outdoor stay. But if you’re someone who loves to lay in your comfortable bed, have Wi-Fi and electricity always available no matter where you are, you’re going to be much more suited for the lifestyle of glamorous camping, AKA glamping.

In this article we will show you:
– The best glamping tents: In depth
– How to choose the best glamping tents
– The benefits of owning a glamping tent

The Best Glamping Tents: In Depth


Size: 196.8 x 196.8 x 117.6 inches
Sleeping Capacity: 4 Glampers to 8 Campers
Weight: Not Available
Materials: 100% Cotton Classic Canvas (320 gr/m² or 9.5 oz/yd²)

Four glampers can comfortably set up two queen sized beds or you can have 8 campers with sleeping bags. This is the ultimate tent for any of your outdoor needs, whether it’s car camping, festivals, garden parties, luxury glamping, or backyard lounging this four season tent is handled to equip most environments.

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Size: 16ft x 16ft
Sleeping Capacity: Not Available
Weight: Not Available
Materials: 360gsm Cotton Canvas

This is one of the most spacious canvas bell tents available on the market today. You can fit up to six twin-sized mattresses in this best selling US tent. The reason this is one of the best luxury camping tents on the market is because of it’s stylish, made from high-quality materials, and extremely spacious to host any of your outdoor needs.

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Floor Dimensions: 20ft x 10ft
Sleeping Capacity: 10 People
Packaged Weight: Not Available
Materials: Not Available

You can divide this tent into two separate rooms for added privacy. Sure to fit your whole family you could fit up the three queen-sized air mattresses for the ultimate comfort experience.

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Size: 13ft L x 12ft W x 7.2ft H
Sleeping Capacity: 8 People
Weight: Not Available
Materials: 800mm Poly Construction

This is a very roomy cabin-style tent that gives excellent protection from both sun and rain. The tent also has a cable opening that you can use for your extension cord if your campsite has electricity nearby.

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Size: 13.1ft L x 13.1ft W x 8.2ft H
Sleeping Capacity: 7 – 8 People
Packaged Weight: 35 – 40 Pounds
Materials: 600D Oxford Fabric with 4000mm Waterproof PU Coating

This tent comes with the highest quality mesh screen doors and windows that allow you to open the tent for a nice cool breeze and not have to worry about any bugs or critters getting inside. This luxury camping tent is ideal for luxury camping, party camping, hotel camping, and/or holiday camping.

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Size: 14ft L x 14ft W
Sleeping Capacity: 6 People
Weight: Not Available
Materials: 33% polystrol, 33% tarpaulin, and 33% canvas

This portable yurt is unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen before. It has a high-strength wooden frame as well as a durable fabric that’s completely waterproof from top to bottom.

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Size: 27ft L x 17ft W x 10ft H
Sleeping Capacity: Not Available
Packaged Weight: 500 Pounds
Materials: 650gsm Military Grade, Rip-stop, Waterproof and Fire Retardant Canvas

Some luxury camping tents are meant to take your camping experience to the next level. This base camp tent is perfect for any glamping resort and can be just what you need to let everyone know you’re definitely the best party tent to be at. You can have one large room or separate it into 3 different rooms for my privacy. Able to withstand winds up to 50 mph, this glamping tent is designed for any environment and built to last over 15 years.

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Size: 14ft by 10ft
Sleeping Capacity: 9 People
Weight: 35 Pounds
Materials: Polyguard Fabric

This glamping tent is going to give you great bang for your buck. It has patented welded floors, built in LED lighting, inverted seams, and a covered zipper to seal out any water, making it designed to withstand the most rugged outdoor conditions.

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Size: 120in L x 96in W x 144in H
Sleeping Capacity: 4 – 5 People
Weight: 11.5 Pounds
Materials: 190T Polyester & 150D Oxford Fabric

This is a great budget friendly tent that is well made for all four seasons. It comes with double layer walls and will give you excellent protection from the wind, rain and UV rays. Everything comes easily packed into a lightweight carry bag making transportation nice and easy. This tent can also be set up fairly easy within 15 minutes.

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Different Sizes: 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m diameter for choice
Sleeping Capacity: 4 to 5 people
Weight: Not Available
Materials: Waterproof Cotton Canvas

If you enjoy tents that have the round bell shape and you’re unable to afford the Lotus Belle, then this is the next best choice when it comes to glamping. With more than enough room to fit a queen-size air mattress as well as extra room for end tables plus other accessories, this tent has everything you could need/want.

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What to Look for in a Glamping Tent

Size of the Glamping Tent

How many people will be using your tent? A larger tent is more spacious and comfortable, but if it’s too big, you’ll need plenty of space for the tent itself and the stakes around it. Ideally, you should have a tent large enough to fit the amount of people sleeping inside plus one for every three people. So, if you’re three people, purchase a four-person tent to ensure it has enough room for everyone.

Ease of Setting Up/Taking Down the Glamping Tent

If a glamping tent is too tedious to put up and take down, you might not end up using it at all. Instead, you’ll head to a hotel room! Know the terrain (is it rock? sand? or dirt?) and the type of terrain your tent was built for.


A cheaper tent isn’t always cheaper in the long run. You might have to buy two mid-range tents which could end up being more than one premium or well-made tents. Opt for tents with durable fabric and stitching. Nylon tents don’t tend to hold up as well as canvas for tents of this size.

The Benefits of Owning Your Own Glamping Tent

Storage and safety

As you roam about your day, you can store surfboards, sports gear, outdoor camping ovens, coolers, and more inside of your tent–keeping it out of the way of prying eyes (and hands).

Connect with Nature

Have the luxury of ample space and a comfortable bed while still being connected with nature. You can feel the wind, listen to the wildlife, and smell fresh are all while feeling as though you’re royalty.

Plenty of Space for Everyone

Gone are the days of cramped tents and items everywhere. With a glamping tent, everyone is free to roam around in a sheltered area.

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