The Best Gifts for Scuba Divers

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You know that the best gift you can give a scuba-diving loved one is the gift of being their lifelong dive buddy, right? Well, we’re assuming you’ve got that covered and are looking for extra ideas. Here is a list of the best gifts for scuba divers that your buddy is sure to love.


These gifts are items your dive buddy will love, but might not buy themselves.

Scuba Tank Water Bottle

Help your scuba diving buddy stay hydrated with this cool (yet slightly impractical) scuba tank water bottle.

Scuba Bandana

Scuba divers love these bandanas that have so many uses – a headband, windbreaker, extra warmth after a dive.

Mask Strap Cover

A neoprene mask strap cover increases the comfort-level of a hair-snagging dive mask tenfold.

Reef-safe Sunscreen

Maybe it’s a stereotype, but scuba divers are extra contienscious of their impacts that diving has on the environment. They’ll appreciate having a bottle of reef-safe sunscreen on hand to keep their favorite dive site pristine. There is also reef-safe wetsuit wash.

Eco-friendly Tote Bag

This Girls That Scuba tote is shipped without plastic and made from 100% organic cotton. 10% of profit goes to Plastic Ocean.

Gear from their favorite nonprofit or conservancy: What’s your dive buddy’s favorite animal? No matter what it is, there’s likely a non-profit out there helping keep that critter safe. Get some swag or donate to an organization like:

Hooded Towel

This comfy towel lets the diver change out of their wetsuit and bathing suit without revealing anything they don’t intend to. Plus, it’s so comfy, the towel doubles as loungewear.

Dry Bag

Dry bags are useful in so many situations – while traveling on a dive trip, storing electronics on a dive boat, and having a place to stash a spare change of clothes to change into post dive. It’s also one of those things that are helpful no matter what size it is or how many the diver already owns.

Fish Identification Card

Help keep your dive buddy’s logbook accurate with a fish ID card. A fun memento for any dive trip and a beloved thing to have for any local site.

Tank Refill Card

Play god and give the gift of air with tank refills at your diver’s favorite dive shop.

Underwater Flashlight / Torch

A flashlight/dive torch is often a gift every diver wants but has yet to get around to diving with one themselves.

Scuba Diving Tank Top

Who wouldn’t want to wear a water-themed outfit? Or, if your friend has a penchant for ugly Christmas sweaters, you can get them one of those, too!

Map or Dive Print

There are dive prints that are vintage, modern, mermaid-themed, and abstract. We love this dive map that highlights the world’s best dive sites and what you can expect to see there (get 10% off with the promo code “SALTSIRENS”)

Old-school Dive Mask

A fun mask to experiment with and shoot photos in.

Dive Mug

The perfect thing to hold a diver’s second favorite liquid – after saltwater, of course.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Every diver wishes she was a mermaid – why else would she strap on a pair of aqua lungs? This blanket is fun, comfortable, and will help console your dive buddy during the sad moments she’s not in the water.

Dive-themed Jewelry

This eel pendant, shark pendant and wave ring are all cute tokens of diving.


Let your dive buddy record every fish and bubble on their dive.


The necessities of scuba diving.

Dive Computer

A dive computer is the secondary brain behind scuba diving that records and alerts divers of what’s happening during their dive. If your dive buddy moonlights as a freediver, be sure to get a computer that’s freediving compatible.


An extension of a scuba diver’s lungs that lets them breathe air underwater.


In scuba diving, neutral is a good thing. The buoyancy control device (BCD) is a piece of gear that saves scuba divers and reefs.

Rebreather Book

A great fit for the advanced diver that wants to take diving to the next level.


A dive mask that fits perfectly and doesn’t fog is priceless for a scuba diver.


How else will your diver get around? A pair of fins will let your diver say goodbye to fin blisters forever.

Surface Marker Buoy

Hey! Over here! The surface marker allows boats and other divers to spot you. A small piece of safety gear that saves lives — even when the diver isn’t a guide.

Scuba Diving Wetsuit

A cozy cuddle of neoprene that keeps divers warm as they explore.

Dive Knife

A useful tool for safety and peace of mind.


Liveaboard Trips

The ultimate dream for scuba divers is to spend all day everyday exploring the underwater world from the comforts of a liveaboard.

Certification Course

Learning doesn’t stop after an open water course. There are courses for photography, wreck diving, cave diving, rescue diving, and much more! If you can think of it, there’s probably a course for it.

The ultimate gift for scuba divers? The gift of you — a dive buddy!

Many scuba divers only want the gift of somebody to go with. Consider enrolling in an open-water course if you haven’t done so and give the gift they’re sure to appreciate the most – the chance to dive with you!

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