The Best Freediving Brands from A-Z

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Looking to put together your freediving kit but unsure where to start? It can be a challenge to navigate through the tens of freediving brands out there, not knowing what product will be high quality versus what will be a dud. In this guide, we reveal the best freediving brands on the market to help you get started in your search.

All of the brands listed here make high-quality or high-value gear tailored to freedivers. Many of these brands are owned by freedivers, or consult the pros regularly.

The Best Freediving Brands


Founded by the father of scuba diving, Aqualung is primarily a scuba diving brand with a handful of freediving-specific products. Specifically, their range of freediving masks like the Micromask and Sphera (a love-it or hate-it low volume mask with plastic lenses). Their diving computers like the i300C, i470TC, and the i200C all have freedive-specific capabilities.

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From dominating the French spearfishing market in the 1930s, Beuchat has grown to become one of the world’s biggest scuba gear manufacturers. True to their breath-holding origin, Beauchat offers select gear for freedivers with a dedicated line of freediving products.

You can choose from ladies freediving wetsuits, freediving fins, and freediving masks (like the Shark Stealth model). Beauchat also has freediving accessories to assist you not only in the water but after freeding. Take a peek at Beuchat’s freediving gear backpack and float

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This family-run Italian company is globally renowned for its full line of equipment and accessories for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and of course, freediving. Before Cressi became an international brand, its early days were spent making masks, spear guns, and Cressi primarily served the spearfishing market along the Mediterranean coast. 

Today, Cressi’s line of freediving equipment includes freediving wetsuits, freediving fins (like the Gara Modular Pro and Gara 3000) and freediving masks (like the popular Nano). Cressi also produces top-tier freediving computers like the Cressi Goa, Cressi Neon, and Cressi Donatello.

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Some of the companies in the freediving market niche are very specific in making a particular product, like DiveR which only produces fin blades. While they only produce fin blades, this Australian firm has mastered the craft of combining high quality materials with art, like the blades designed by Naomi Gittoes.

As for the material used, choose composite, carbon fiber or innegra (like the Red Innegra), their latest material that focuses on flexibility and durability. When it comes to design, their fin blades come in several designs that are inspired by what you see underwater. Rather than a sticker, the design is embedded within the resin. 

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Originally based in Estonia, Leaderfins is an international brand founded by former fin swimmers who have over 30 years experience in making and designing fins. Fins are the only product produced by Leaderfins.

Aside from fins for spearfishing, finswimming, rescue swimming and game fins (like underwater hockey), freediving fins are one of Leaderfins’ specialties. Their top of the line product is the Pure Carbon Fins, a 95cm-long fin popular among freediving instructors. Leaderfins also make a fin out of composite carbon fiber, fiberglass, and they also have a dedicated monofin.

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On top of having an extensive line of scuba equipment, Mares has also a collection of freediving gear. It’s no wonder, as their founder was an avid freediver back in the 1900’s.

Mares’ freediving selection is not just your typical scuba gear slightly modified to suit freedivers, as they are one of the most innovative brands when it comes to dedicated gear and have produced an ‘Apnea’ labeled line. Mares produces can choose from their freediving wetsuits (like Apnea Instinct 30 Lady), freediving masks (like the Star LiquidSkin and Viper), freediving fins (like the Razor Matrix) and accessories. Mares also has a freediving computer, the Smart Apnea Dive Computer.

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Founded in 2010 by mother and son freediving world record holders, Molchanovs is a brand dedicated solely to the sport of freediving. Alexey Molchanov, a current world champion, is constantly fine-tuning the Molchanovs products as he competes with them himself.

Aside from freediving bags, training tools and the Molchanovs freediving certification system, the product lines fall under three main categories:

  • Core Line Series: Everyday freediving gear that caters to casual freedivers, prioritizing value for money. The Core Freediving Mask is noted for its snug fit and clear vision. Best for beginners and those valuing durabilty.
  • Sport Line Series: Often used during training, this freediving gear is for comfort and performance. A notable products in this line is the Women’s Training Wetsuit, a custom-fit 1.5mm thick wetsuit made from ultraspan neoprene. (Production for the wetsuit can take up to 6 weeks.)
  • Competition Line Series: With the founders of Molchanovs holding world record titles, the competition line speaks for itself. Using premium materials, the fins in this line are popular among professional freedivers.

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Initially in the 70’s, Omer made solely spearfishing equipment. However, when the company decided to reach the global market, they expanded to include freediving gear in their catalogue.

Choose from freediving computers (like the carbon fiber UP-X1), freediving masks (like the Alien and UP-M1) and freediving wetsuits (like the Valkiria), and accessories.

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Despite the name, Scubapro doesn’t just cater to divers with a tank. While this US firm was focused on making scuba equipment since 1963, today it has its own freediving gear series, all designed with the help of world-class freedivers.

Using sleek and hydrodynamic features, Scubapro’s freediving series includes freediving masks (like the Steel Comp), the Apnea Snorkel and the S3 freediving fins.    

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Suunto, a tech giant in the outdoor adventure industry, is one of the leading producers of freediving computers. The Suunto D5, Suunto D4I Novo, and Suunto D6I are all top-tier scuba diving computers with freediving capabilities.

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At the end of the day, having freediving gear that is comfortable for you to use will convert that one breath of yours to a longer time and greater depths.  

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