The Best Dive Booties for Women: Buyer’s Guide

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Looking for a new pair of dive booties? In scuba diving, booties don’t just protect your feet from sharp and hard objects, they also prevent heat loss and help with fin fit. In this guide, we’ll cover the best scuba diving booties on the market and reveal things to look for when choosing the best pair for you.

The Best Dive Booties for Women

Mares Equator

Designed for warm water or tropical use, the Mares Equator is a low cut dive bootie that is made from a 2mm neoprene on the top. It has no zippers and is a slip-in style. The rubber sole is super flexible. This flexibility gives you comfort when walking and can easily be folded for storage (perfect for travel!).

The outer sole has a linear zigzag pattern that provides added grip in each step. The rubber soles goes all the way up at the back of your heel which also acts as a stopper for the fin strap.     

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Scubapro Delta

This dive bootie is designed for tropical use. This low cut bootie is made from a 3mm neoprene at the top and a medium thickness rubber sole at the bottom. While the sole is thick, it is highly flexible and goes with your feet no matter the angle of inclination or bending. The outer soles have an interlocking V pattern which is proven to give you a good grip against slippery surfaces. If you plan to dive in cooler waters, take a look at the 5mm version.

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Tusa Imprex Dive Slipper

Weighing only 0.4 kilos (0.8 pounds), the Tusa Imprex Dive Slipper is one of the most lightweight dive booties on the market and ideal for traveling. This 3mm low cut bootie is made from a combination of nylon and jersey neoprene that is glued and sewn for added strength. It has a nice hard rubber sole that is also super flexible. The outer soles have diagonal lines on the sides with several elevated lines at the center that provide added traction and grip especially when walking in uneven terrain. The soles have a pronounced heel guard to secure the fin straps when used. For sizing, subtract two sizes from the regular shoes you are wearing for proper fit as the size guide is made to suit men.

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Bare Feet

If you are looking for a dive bootie that is known for exceptional comfort, then take a look at the Bare Foot Dive Booties. This is brought to you by its customized pattern that has a good anatomical fit. This 3mm low cut bootie is made from nylon 2 neoprene with a silkscreen reinforcement for added foot warmth and protection. The soles are made from vulcanized rubber with multiple small linear spikes at the outer sole for guaranteed grip and traction. It also has a pull tab which is very useful during donning and doffing.

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Akona Low Cut Boot

This 3.5mm low cut dive bootie is made of nylon 2 neoprene glued and blind stitched. The neoprene of this bootie has airprene panels on the side that allows water to naturally drain out. When it comes to its rubber sole, it is 30% thicker than other dive booties with a new spike pattern (wave spikes at the front and back while continuous 8 at the center). This combined spike texture guarantees you a no-slip walking experience. This bootie also comes with its own carry on mesh bag for storage.

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Henderson Aqua Lock

At a single glance, you will not expect that the Henderson Aqua Lock is a highly efficient dive bootie crafted with several features. This high-cut bootie designed for cold water use is made from a 5mm high quality neoprene that is first glued then blind stitched inside and out. Focusing on the neoprene material, it has 2 unique features. First is that it has a special waterproof aqua lock liquid tape barrier that seals the seam from water. Second, the interior has a hydrophobic lining that allows the bootie to dry quickly. The zippers used in this booties is a #10 YKK zipper and the sole is made from its trademark low profile rubber sole that is thermally bonded to provide maximum foot warmth.

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Mares Trilastic

Are you looking for dive booties that have rubber soles that are similar to those of sporty sneakers? Then take a look at the Mares Trilastic. This 5mm high-cut bootie has a durable yet comfortable rubber sole designed to give you maximum walking control and power conversion during finning. The material that covers the upper part of your feet is made up of three different materials with various elasticities. While it is generally made from nylon 2 neoprene, the material around the ankle area is made from super-elastic neoprene and the lower part is made from standard neoprene. The heel part of this bootie has a rubber lug that secures your fin strap in place. If you want a thicker material that will give you more warmth especially when exploring temperate sites, then consider the 6.5mm version.

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Cressi Isla

If you are planning to explore cold water environments yet you don’t have the appropriate booties, then take a look at the Cressi Isla. This 5mm high-cut bootie is made from nylon 2 neoprene that is both tough and guarantees foot warmth. It uses strong and durable zippers that have its own sealing flap to prevent water from entering. The rubber soles are ribbed with a continuous wave pattern at the outer sole which provides surface grip and traction. At the back end of the rubber sole near the ankle is a rubber hump that acts as a fin strap holder. This also comes in a 7mm thickness.

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XS Scuba Thug

Considered as one of the thickest booties for cold water diving, the XS Scuba Thug is known for its warm foot provision and durable materials. This 8mm high-cut bootie is made from nylon 2 neoprene that has been glued and stitched inside and out. Moreover, the neoprene material is covered with an abrasion resistant hyde lamination for added material strength and foot warmth. While this bootie is thick, it is relatively comfortable to wear courtesy from its soft insole. The rubber soles used in this bootie are made from a heavy duty mold with a protective heel and toe caps.

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Pinnacle Splash

If you are looking for a bootie that is somewhere in between a low cut and a high cut design with zippers, consider the Pinnacle Splash. This 3mm mid cut bootie is made from nylon 2 neoprene that has titanium lining which, in effect, increases foot warmth. When it comes to rubber soles, this bootie uses a heavy duty rubber sole with a granular pattern on the outer sole deemed perfect for shore diving. The posterior and anterior part of this bootie has another layer of protection which guards your toe and heel area. It also has a rubber mound on the heel which secures your fin strap in place.

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Things to Consider When Buying Dive Booties

Selecting a pair of dive booties is pretty much the same when you shop for shoes. Except that in scuba diving, you should put more weight on comfort and fit as your main deciding factor, rather than color and other aesthetic features.

Here are some factors that could help you find the perfect dive booties:


As a general rule, you should choose booties with a size that snugly fits your feet. Just the right fit: not too big and not too small. Aside from having the right size, it is best to fit your booties with your fins on. In this way, you will have a complete feel and determine whether it is comfortable or not. Only choose booties that are comfortable to wear.


There are 2 types of booties based on height: the low cut and the high cut. Low cut booties are ideal if you are diving in tropical areas or if your walking area is relatively plain and clear. But if you are diving in cold waters where you need added warmth or walking in jagged terrain (perhaps areas with lots of sharp objects like rocks or sea urchin), high cut booties might be a better option.

Sole thickness

Like shoes, booties have rubber soles and they vary in thickness. If you are considering flexibility, opt for booties with thin rubber soles. But for maximum foot protection, especially when walking in unpaved and jagged terrain, booties with thick soles may be for you.

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