Best Boat Tours in Miami

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With a year-round tropical climate, Miami is the perfect destination for a number of festivals, concerts and conventions. Over 15 million tourists visit this city in Florida each year, making it one of the most dynamic cities in Florida.

While walking has become a fad for tourist visiting attractions, why not see everything from the perspective from the water? This is recommended especially if you want to see Miami’s iconic skyline with skyscrapers lit up by neon lights. Wondering where to start? We’ve sorted it all for you with our list of the best boat tours in Miami.

Best Boat Tours in Miami: At a Glance

  1. Speedboat Sightseeing Tour
  2. Miami Skyline Cruise
  3. Biscayne Bay Cruise and Everglades Airboat Combo
  4. Millionaire’s Row Cruise
  5. Pirate Boat Adventure
  6. Key West Boat Tour
  7. Everglades Airboat Safari
  8. Parasailing in Miami Coast
  9. Sailing in Biscayne Bay
  10. Sunset Boat Cruise

Best Boat Tours in Miami: Reviewed

Speedboat Sightseeing Tour

Duration: 45 mins

Sightseeing is usually done at a slow pace, but on this boat tour, it is the complete opposite. Once you get onboard, seated down and leave the marina, you will cruise on a good 40mph. Once you get to Fisher and Star Island, you will have a quick stop and the Captain will give a short talk about Miami’s culture and history. Just an advanced information: these islands have the highest per capita income in the entire US and it is not uncommon for billionaires to have a vacation house here.

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Miami Skyline Cruise

Duration: 1.5 hrs

For 90 minutes, you will go on a yacht cruise that has a panoramic view of Miami’s skyline. Aside from skyscrapers, the highlight of this tour is visiting the millionaire’s row in South beach. Amongst the many pass by, the 6,000 square foot White Mansion of Al Capone will really get your attention. And by the way, the best way to have a conversation on how this businessman turned gangster is through a bottle of alcoholic drinks which is available at the bar.

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Biscayne Bay Cruise and Everglades Airboat Combo

Duration: 9 hrs

Incase you have the entire day to spend outdoors and wish to visit Miami’s land and sea attractions, then this tour is perfect for you. Driving around a double decker bus, you will first go on a city tour. Midway, you will stop by at the Everglades National Park and tour around via a high-speed airboat adventure. After which, you will then proceed to Miami beach and go on a boat tour along the prestigious millionaire’s row.

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Millionaire’s Row Cruise

Duration: 1.5 hrs

While there are many boat tours that passes by the coastal alley of the rich and famous, this tour is specifically designed to give you an in-depth knowledge on who’s who on the millionaire’s row. Some of the properties that you will pass by are from those of NBA player Dwayne Wade, singers Julio Iglesias and Ricky Martin and actor Matt Damon.

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Pirate Boat Adventure

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Wishing of fulfilling that childhood dream of yours and become a pirate for a day? In this tour, you can fulfill that dream by hopping onboard a custom-built pirate ship. But instead of preparing for an island invasion, what you will do onboard is just relax, sit back and enjoy the coastal view Miami has to offer. If you’re taking a selfie, don’t forget to borrow and wear a pirate hat.

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Key West Boat Tour

Duration: 12 hrs

Key West is located in the southern tip of Florida and Miami is a good place to get onboard and visit this island city. In this tour from Bayside Miami, you will hop onboard and set sail on a 3 hour journey going to Key West Florida. Aside from oceanic scenes, the journey includes pass by under several bridges like the iconic Seven Mile Bridge. Once you get to Key West, you will be given the freedom to roam around the island for 5 hours before you get back onboard and set sail to port.

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Everglades Airboat Safari

Duration: 5 hrs

Not all boat tours in Miami are in the ocean. Located 7 miles from downtown Miami, the Everglades is a wetland preserve loaded up with a diversity of life. And to cover the most of this 1.5 million acre wildlife sanctuary, an airboat safari is recommended. On this half-day tour, you will ride on an airboat and traverse along mangrove tunnels and marsh grass. Among the many wildlife taking refuge in the Everglades are turtles, alligators, deer and birds.

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Parasailing in Miami Coast

Duration: 1 hr

The skyline view of Miami is spectacular and it will be more dramatic if you are suspended high up in the air with parasailing. In this tour, you and your friend will hop onboard a speed boat and head out to the bay where you have a nice scene of Miami’s coast. You’ll be tethered to a chute and as the boat pick up speed, you will ascend up in the air. Once you reach a desired altitude, you will have an amazing view of the Miami skyline.

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Sailing in Biscayne Bay

Duration: 3.5 hrs

Powerboats are littered in Miami and sometimes being a speed junky is too much for someone. If you want to take it slow, sailing will be your best option. In this tour, you will hop onboard an authentic sail boat powered by 100% wind energy. The sightseeing experience in this tour is more calm, slow and without the roaring of large engines. Best enjoyed with delicious snacks which is provided onboard.

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Sunset Boat Cruise

Duration: 2 hrs

As the sun sets in, the beauty of Miami starts to glow as neon lights up. In this boat tour, you will hop onboard minutes before sunset and you will journey out the bay. Once out, you will see how Miami’s skyline illuminates with the lights coming from hotels and skyscrapers. This is on top of passing luxury vessels displaying their maritime beauty and elegance.

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