6 Fitness Apps to Keep You Fit at Home While You’re Out of the Water

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If you’re somewhere where you can’t escape to the sea for a quick surf, SUP, or kitesurf session, there are ways to workout from home.

Some of these apps are free, while others are paid but may offer free trials. Note that prices mentioned are in US dollar.

The Best Fitness Apps

Nike Training Club


Best for: Free full-body workouts for those with limited gym equipment

This is one of our favorite apps that we’ve tried. The Nike Training Club is free and you can tailor workouts to the equipment you have at home, your fitness level, and how many days you’d like to work out. You can also let the app know whether you want running incorporated into the workout, or have it be home-based only.

The app has follow-along timers, rep counts, and videos to show you how each exercise is done. There are audio cues to tell you when it’s time to move into the next exercise. The app also has baseline training sessions so you can track your progress.

Download: iOS | Android


$14.99/month or $99/year

Best for: Those who want synced playlists to their workout sessions

Aaptiv is an easy-to-follow along training app with workouts catered to your specific workout situation. For example, there are dedicated workouts for treadmill training and outdoor running. There are also workouts focused on full-body bodyweight workouts, stretching, strength training, endurance, and more. Music is synced to each training session.

Download: iOS | Android



Best for: Workouts with a lot of customization and guidance

The concept behind Freeletics is having an AI coach in your pocket. After each workout, you type in your feedback for the AI coach to adapt to. The more you work out, the more fine-tuned your next workouts are. You tell the app what workout equipment you have in the settings, so you can do each workout from home if needed.

The best way to use this fitness app is by focusing on its 12-week training programs. These programs center around weight loss, strength, flexibility, and more. It also pairs with a nutrition app, where meal plans and personal training are rolled into one package.

Download: iOS | Android


$9.99/month or $59.99/year

Best for: Those who want to take a minimalist approach to workouts

Sworkit is a no-frills workout app that is easy to use. Simply let it know what equipment you have and set a duration for the workout. Easy to follow along timers and video guides make this one of the best for those who don’t need all the frills. As a bonus, there is a free Sworkit app for kids aged 5-12.

Download: iOS | Android

Asana Rebel

$37.99/quarterly or $58.99/year

Best for: Those who want to work on strength and flexibility through yoga or mobility centered workouts

Our social media feeds have been filled with advertisements for Asana Rebel. But what is this app actually all about? Asana Rebel has guided and themed workouts centered around yoga and bodyweight fitness workouts. Think workouts for core strength, mobility, basic foundations, strength building and more. Each workout is easy to follow along to.

As a bonus, the app comes with guided meditations and soothing soundtracks to help you drift to sleep.

Download: iOS | Android

Tone it Up

$99.99/year or $14.99/month

Best for: Those who miss the aesthetic and vibe of an in-person group class

Tone it Up has the vibe of a trendy fitness studio or beach bootcamp rolled into a single app. Classes range from 10 to 40 minutes and are intermixed with healthy recipes. Regular live workouts help keep content feeling fresh, though it’s possible to choose between yoga, strength, cardio, boxing, and barre classes as well.

Download: iOS | Android

Tips for Working Out at Home

Set aside the same time to workout every day

It’s easy to think that you’ll get around to working out tomorrow when each day feels just like the one before. However, setting aside an hour to stretch, meditate, and workout will help establish a routine that you might even look forward to.

Text your surf or paddle buddies to see if they want to join in on your daily workouts as a support system. This keeps working out in the spirit of group fitness sessions.

Focus on building strength related to your sport of choice

One worry I have during quarantine is losing my paddle strength. To combat this, I’ve been focusing on building upper body strength through pushups, burpees, handstands, and all their variations. This way, my arms will be ready for paddling and pop ups once it’s time to surf again. For kitesurfers, focusing on leg and core workers will keep you fit for flying.

Use items you have at home as weights

Grab a bag of rice, a full water jug, or toss a stack of books inside of a backpack. Voila! You now have a set of weights for your at-home workouts. You can also add tension by holding positions for longer or doing some exercises at an incline/decline.

Set the scene

A clear space and a few lit candles can transform your living room into a temporary yoga studio. Turn on some upbeat music, blow out the candles, and add bright lights–you’ve now set up a dance studio. Experiment with moving furniture around to create open spaces to play in, you can always move it back to its original spot later.

What tips do you have for working out at home?