An Ode to MerMay: Incredible Mermaid Artwork from Alexa Martin

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One of the best things about May is exploring the #MerMay hashtag on Instagram. Check out some of our favorite mermaids created by the ultra-talented Alexa Martin. If her mermaids look somewhat familiar, that’s because she’s the designer behind our logo!

Extravagant Mermaid

Rascal Mermaid

Rockabilly Mermaid

May the 4th Memaid

Margarita Mermaids

Taco x Jellyfish Mermaid

Mother and Daughter Mermaid

Bubblegum Mermaid

Embarrassed Mermaid

Sultry Siren

Bad Haircut Mermaid

Leggy Fishums

Gamer Girl

And our favorite… The original Salt Siren!

Which mermaid feels most like you? Follow Alexa on Instagram to see more of her fun artwork.