Who are The Salt Sirens?

Some women were born to be in the sea. While Disney movies have us believing mermaids crave two legs and a life of being landlocked, we wish for the opposite. The Salt Sirens are women who can be found surfing, diving (with a tank or without one), kitesurfing, paddling, and exploring wherever the ocean takes them.

The goal of The Salt Sirens is to be a source of information and inspiration during surface intervals. We want to share the best places to go, tips and techniques, and hear from the best saltwater athletes themselves. This is a global community-run website where readers are encouraged to submit stories of their own and share their favorite pieces of advice.

The Salt Sirens has welcomed contributors from all around the world ranging from Kenya to Taiwan to Malaysia to Canada to Fiji. The ocean connects us all!

Chantae Reden is the editor and founder of The Salt Sirens. She is an action sports journalist obsessed with anything related to adventure. She is based in Suva, Fiji, and you can find personal adventure stories on her travel blog, Chantae Was Here.

Andjela Jovanovic is the friendly face behind The Salt Sirens’ social media. When not hanging out with the readers who use our #TheSaltSirens hashtag, she creates stunning jewelry and fashion pieces at Bejzikdizajn.

We always welcome contributors. If you’re interested in writing for The Salt Sirens, please see our contributors page.

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